There Is No Way a Hot Parent Teacher Conference Spells Sexy!

You would think a hot parent teacher conference would not spell sexy, but it did.  Everyone has had a crush on a hot teacher. There will be more time to tell you my naughty teacher sex stories later.

It’s so easy for anyone to become so distracted in class. Perhaps you looked under the table at her sexy heels or her stockings. Those sexy long legs caught your attention, but would you feel that way about a nun?

Okay, so maybe not a nun, but when you attend a private religious teaching institution, you see the same people daily, right?  Well, it came to light one day when my sister got a phone call from her son’s teacher. Renee has a hot son named Brandon, who loves to check out hot girls.

I’ll never forget once when we all went to the beach, we would catch Brandon looking over at a hot girl tanning herself. His dick would get hard under his trunks. Rather than make a big deal about his hard-on, Renee would just shrug and go back to her book.

So came the phone call that all moms dread, a hot parent teacher conference?

There is nothing that would be hot about having to get with Brandon’s teacher, but it would get hot when she turned on him to spank him. There had been various calls to the home before this. Now, the situation had escalated into a request to meet.

Before the teacher came over, Renee sat with Brandon on the couch and asked him to tell her his side of the story. He admitted that he liked his pretty teacher, Sister Franklin.

There really wasn’t much time to explain.

Then there came a knock at the door and the Sister was standing at the door in her habit.  Even though the habit covered everything, you could tell she was pretty under her habit.

Sister Franklin walked into the living room. There was a moment of awkward silence before Renee asked what happened.

Sister Franklin quickly explained that Brandon was a good student, but he was always staring at her from under the desk. It made her feel quite uncomfortable when his eyes would wander to her chest and legs.

On the other hand, who could blame him for looking?

My sister walked up to Sister Franklin and took her face in her hands and kissed her face.  At first, Sister Franklin tried to walk back but stumbled into Brandon who was standing behind her looking down at her butt.

Renee told the Sister that she was so beautiful and didn’t know it. Sister Franklin was every hot guy’s wet dream.

Hence, began the hot parent teacher encounter.

Renee pulled down Brandon’s pants and went down on her knees. She took his juicy dick into her hands and started to stroke it. While Sister Franklin looked in shock at Renee stroking Brandon’s hard cock, she didn’t notice Renee reach under her habit and pull those panties to the side and dip her finger into her pussy.

There was no denying that her hole was wet. Brandon got down on his knees and crawled under the dark habit and sniffed her pussy.  As he pulled her panties down her legs, his tongue went into her pussy licking and sucking her clit.

Standing up, my sister began to kiss the teacher’s quivering lips.

Sister Franklin shook as her habit slipped from her shoulders. Next came her skirt, blouse, and shoes, stockings, and bra. The hot parent teacher conference took a turn when it became a much-needed sex session. There are much more important things to learn than math.

Brandon led his shaking teacher over to the couch and laid her down. Renee took those firm tits into her mouth and flicked her tongue across her hard buds. A scream of desire escaped her red lips. Brandon began to rub his dick across her soaking slit and slid slowly inside.

She was so tight.

Brandon could feel the tightness pushing back against him. One hard thrust and he was buried deep inside of her hole. His hips moved back and forth and he fucked his teacher so hard the couch shook.

Renee didn’t give Sister Franklin time to protest. My sister stripped quickly and sat her pussy down over the Sister’s face. Rather than talk too much, she just rubbed her pussy up and down her face.


I’d love to tell you more about this hot parent-teacher meeting.  Keep all of the sexiness here in the family with some of the steamiest incest phone sex ever!


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