This wasn’t my first time having a hot office fuck!

Besides having hot, juicy phone sex, I have many other hobbies… including having a hot office fuck every now and then. I am one of the few students on my campus that actually loves going to class. It is always so much fun to get a first-row seat in my English lecture series. I make a game out of seeing how hard I can get the professor’s cock in front of hundreds of students. It really never takes much. But I guess this isn’t really a story about me fucking my professor. Although, that is definitely a story that you may want to hear! I get very into telling it, as I’m sure you can imagine.

I started volunteering for the dean of my school. A hot office fuck was something I wasn’t even thinking about when I signed the forms and told them when I was able to come in. The lady at the desk told me they could really use my help twice a month since she was going to be out every other Monday.

Mondays were never my strong suit. But she explains carefully that it would be really easy. I would just be booking appointments for two hours and helping the dean if he needed it. She told me, the dean never had her do much.

So, I signed the form and walked away, not so eager to return on Monday morning.

I had to wake up early on Monday morning, which I’m not the biggest fan of… especially working late nights. I put on my short red mini skirt, and a white tee shirt. It was kinda casual, but hey, it’s Florida.

When I arrive on campus, a breeze goes past me. I look down and I see that my nipples are so hard. Oops, I must have forgotten to wear a bra. Then, I started thinking about it, and I realized I had never actually met the dean before.

The dean’s list had my name on it plenty of times before, but I never attended any of the luncheons. When I walked in, this very sexy older man was waiting by the volunteer desk for me. He was wearing a very nice, fitting black suit with a navy tie. He had grey hair but his eyes were still vivid blue.

My face must have looked really shocked. Seeing him made me definitely think of having a hot office fuck. I’m only human after all! Nothing gets me hotter than an older guy who knows how to dress. He smiled and gave me a handshake.

It felt like sparks went through my body, and I knew by the look on his face that he felt it too.

Casually, he stepped back and sat on the desk and gave me an overview of what to expect. While he was talking to me, I noticed his eyes wander up and down my body.

Usually, I just ignored the stares, but he was too hot. I wanted him to know I knew what he was thinking. So my eyes caught his stare and I didn’t look away. I wanted to be direct. I definitely was his student but a hot office fuck was not out of the question for me.

Plus, I should get an award for being on the dean’s list every semester since I started classes here. I was a very dedicated hard worker after all. The model student that the dean was supposed to take a special interest in.

Special interest was definitely one of the things I wanted from this tall older guy sitting in front of me. Sadly, he went into his office, and nothing happened that day. But the next Monday I volunteered, he had sent all the other office staff on break when I arrived.

He called me into the office and locked the door.

He didn’t even whisper one word to me. As soon as he turned and faced me, he started pushing me against the wall and kissing me. His mouth traveled down my neck, and I could feel his hot breath traveling down my shoulders. It felt like heaven, and I wanted him so bad.

But he made me wait a whole half of a month for this. No way was I going to let him get his way so fast. I pushed him against the wall and rubbed my leg right against his cock until it was rock hard. Then, I gave him a final kiss and a wink. I unlocked the door and pranced out.

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