Being a hot naughty teen definitely wasn’t a sin, but it was just your type of vice.

Matt steered the coffee in his hand as he stylishly peered out of the window. He could see Olivia dancing from his side. Her blonde hair swaying from left to right as the little blouse and panties she had on stuck to her body. He had to admit, she was hot and incredibly gorgeous, giving him the vibe that she was more like ‘hot naughty teen’ type.

He had been so carried away thinking of dirty teen sex stories that he didn’t even know she had been staring back at him.

“Oh shit!”, he almost spilled the coffee he held as their eyes met, her hand waving as she flashed a smile towards his direction. He quickly left the kitchen and about five minutes later, he heard a soft knock on his door.

“I’m coming”, he responded immediately as he stood up to answer the door. It was a surprise to him though who he met on the other side of the door.

“H-Hey…good evening”, it was Olivia, the gorgeous blonde next door.

“Good evening”, she flashed a pretty smile as she waved again.

“Can I come in?”, she asked after she had been standing there for long seconds.

“O-Oh yeah, of course. Please come in”, he stuttered a bit again as he moved aside for her to step in.

“It’s a beautiful place you have here”, she nodded her head and commented as she took a seat. Olivia dressed in the same blouse, only this time she had on bump shorts to mask the white lacy panties underneath.

“Well, thanks”, he rubbed his palms nervously together as he replied. “What can I get you?”, he asked as he continued rubbing his palms together.

“Something chilled”, it sounded almost like a question as she smiled again, once again giving off the ‘hot naughty teen’ vibe.

“Well, I have a bottle of red wine I’ve been saving”, Matt spoke gently as he began to move towards the fridge.

“That would be fine too”, she replied as she adjusted herself on the chair.
Matt brought out the red wine and took glasses along as he settled on the sofa with her.

“So, I saw you staring at me from the window”, she pointed towards the direction of his kitchen as she took a sip from the freshly poured wine.

“Uhm, I guess that means you are attractive”, they both laughed. Matt took another sip of the wine. They soon got comfortable with each other, chatting and laughing like they had known each other for years. The questions soon started getting a little bit steamy until the bombshell dropped.

“Have you fucked recently?”, the question came out as a surprise to Matt himself. He thought he had gone too far with Olivia, but she only laughed a bit and replied.

“I won’t lie, it’s been a while”, Olivia said. She started biting her lip. “I wouldn’t mind getting laid now though”, she winked at Matt as she took the glass to her lips.


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