Military Sex Stories – My hot night with a strong military man

Do you have any hot military sex stories? Well, I do it’s all about my hot night with a military man! He knew just what made me quiver. It all started one night when I was eating at a Japanese steakhouse. A man walked up to my table and asked to join me. His smile was engaging so I nodded my head. Introducing himself as James he told me I was irresistible and he could not help himself.  In fact, I found him irresistible. He was simply magnificent.

We were engrossed in casual conversation and the night just slipped by. At one point he asked what I did for a living. I thought about lying but instead was honest, I am a stripper, I replied. I asked him what he did and he said he was in the Army. My body reacted to that news and it seemed to fit him well. The way he held himself implied he was a military man.

I knew this was going to be a fun night

He told me he was going to be deployed at the end of February. That was not that very far off and I just could not take a chance on losing the hot man from my life. I invited him to come by the club sometime and I would give a dance for free! A token of my appreciation. He leaned forward on the table looking me square in the eyes. I would rather go back to my hotel and have you right now, Dallas! I became so hot at the intensity of the heat radiating between us that I just nodded and stood up to leave.

He whispered in my ear as we walked toward his hotel. Dallas, I am going to make this a night you will always remember. His breath caressing my neck sent shivers down my spine. I looked up at him and with a grin whispered back, trust me, after tonight you will never be able to forget me!

When we arrived at the hotel

We arrived at the hotel and entered the elevator he slid his arm around me. We were the only ones in there so he pulled me close into his embrace. I could feel his hard cock through his pants. So party girl are you ready for this big dick to pound your beautiful little ass and pussy? Before I could reply the elevator doors opened and he pulled me into the hallway. He spun me around saying I need a real good look at you. The tiny flared skirt I was wearing blew up revealing the pretty lace thong.

Arriving at his room I was suddenly blown away as soon as the door opened. There directly ahead of us in the middle of the floor was an extravagant jacuzzi and a bottle of chilling champagne.  He asked if I would like a glass and I said yes. He poured it and handed it to me. As I took a sip I could feel the bubbles exploding in my mouth and down my throat. He sat on the bed beside me and laid his hand on my knee. Then he took my glass and set both on the table. He then stood in front of me slowly undressing. His toned and muscled body was like that of a Greek God! I just knew it was going to be one of the best military sex stories I have.

This was a man who was meant to be fucked!

Standing there with his clothes off except his pants which were unbuttoned and hanging open he reached down and pulled my blouse open revealing my breasts. He looked hungrily at the large white globes. His finger traced my lips slowly and he leaned over me pushing me onto the bed kissing my lips long and deep.
I felt the muscles rippling underneath my hands and I could feel the sheer power of him. He was straining between my legs and his hard cock had perfectly found a resting spot on my pussy. Our slow caresses became wilder and before long we were pulling and thrusting at each other. Our clothes were ripped and thrown to the floor.

I wanted more

Our skin was like electricity when we touched sliding up and down one another. He pulled my pussy lips apart and thrust long and deep inside my wet cunt! I rode his cock like the pole I gyrated on every night. Thrusting my hips rotating them and sliding up and down. More than once I had made myself orgasm on the stripper pole but tonight he made me cum more than just a few times.

If you would like to hear the rest of my military sex stories or play it out in a hot dirty role play call me.

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