Posting ads for my maid job has become incredibly hit or miss, and submissive phone sex isn’t cutting it. Either they are douchebags with no money thinking they can trick me over to fuck me. Or, they are just stuck up pretentious dicks with barely any cock to back it up. So, when I got the call from one of the most prestigious family’s in town, I jumped on the opportunity. Normally, it’s annoying when my clients try to fuck me constantly. However, little did I know that the servants would be sexy as hell, and I was the new sexy maid slave addition!

Before anything on the phone, I was let in on all of the duties I’d have to perform. I knew going into this, at least, that I was going to be doing sexual favors as well as cleaning the house. But, I get to live inside a beautiful mansion and want for nothing. I couldn’t have asked for a better gig or the hot maid fuck I was about to undergo. I put on my black and white dress, thigh-high stockings, and small black heels. Then, out the door, I go!

This job I’m actually excited for; I can’t wait to be their sexy maid slave!

When I arrive at the big gate, I’m given directions and buzzed in. I pull my car up into the servant’s parking lot. When I get out, a maid and butler come to greet me. They help me take my bags in, and some men take off with them to my room assumably. I’m taken into the kitchen, where I see a man dressed nicer than the other servants. I give him a curtsey and introduce myself. He bows and says his name is Sebastian that he’s the head Butler, and I’m to undergo training immediately.

The starting tasks were simple enough, cooking, cleaning, carrying random stuff. But then, the tasks started getting more complicated. He had me on my knees scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush. He had a crop in his hand and flipped my skirt up, spanking me. I asked if I had done something wrong. He answered simply that it was a test of my resolve. The Master enjoys messing with his servants as they work. It entertains him, and if we complain, Master’s sex slave gets punished. He explains that I’m to be available as a hot maid fuck, always.

I’m not surprised, and if he keeps spanking me, I’m going to cum!

He whacks my ass more and more, but I make the kitchen spotless regardless. Sebastian is thoroughly impressed and helps me stand up. Then, he has me bend over the counter, and he rubs some cool lotion on my burning ass. There isn’t often a reward for taking things like that, but he wanted to give the new sexy maid slave something for my trouble. After, he asks if I perform as well sexually as I do with everything else. I look down at his cock and see it bulging through his pants.

Biting my lip, I nod my head and ask if he wants me to demonstrate. He replies with “Of course, it’s always better to have proof.” Then, out walk another maid and butler. They walk over to us as Sebastian drops his pants. They start stripping right there in the kitchen, and I realize a hot maid fuck session is about to happen, in all my holes! Sebastian snaps and points at the floor. I fall to my knees immediately, and he gets up behind me. Before I can react, his hand grips my hair, and he yanks me back, forcing my ass down on his cock.

Fuck I’m going to get all used up!

The other butler gets in front of me and rubs his cock along my pussy lips before shoving it inside and making me moan. The maid comes over and puts her pussy right in my face. I eagerly eat her out as I get pounded. We all fuck nice and hard; she cums on my face. Sebastian is in my ass, and the other butler pulls out and cums on my pussy. I’m a mess, but the servants clean me up and take me to my room.

Mia Kinky Crew