As I laid in my bed thinking about nothing else but my pussy being so swollen, I decided I couldn’t take it any longer and thought I should get out of the house for a bit. I called up some friends and we all went to the local mall. But I couldn’t escape my sexual frustrations. Around every corner I kept seeing these tight asses and perky breasts. Long blonde hair, brunette hair. Tan legs, white legs. My pussy was soaking with every passing of all the sexy, flirtatious woman. My lesbian urges were taking over.

The thought of all of this made my legs shake, my toes curl in my shoes, and lip biting beyond control. Right when I thought I was going to cum in the middle of the mall from the lingering thoughts, my friend grabbed my hand and I exploded! I dragged her into a custodial hall and found the first door unlocked I could.

I pushed her in and locked the door behind us. I told her “I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself anymore.” I then told her to do as I asked and she would be very happy with the results.I instructed her to remove her shirt first, and my god her breast were dying to get out for me to see. She was trembling with such a naughty grin on her face. I then came over and ran my hands up her hips, to her ribs, across her back and POP goes the bra!! She squealed a little. Oh the joy of that squeal! I began to caress her hard nipples and soft perky breasts. I then began licking them and making sure her nipples couldn’t get any harder. I then instructed her to take off her shorts and panties. She did so with great desire for my touch. I pushed her up onto the desk in the corner and spread her legs as wide as I could and licked her tight cunt ever so gently. I started to lick faster and harder and she became more soaking wet by the minute. She was so tight I could barely fit 2 fingers in her!! She began grasping my hair, pulling tighter and tighter!!

Leaning her head back further with every moan. When all of a sudden BAM it hit us both before we expected. she screamed at the top of her lungs, clutching her thighs around my head, and pulling my hair beyond its limits. As I came I moaned into her cunt which made her cum even harder. When we both got finished I kissed her hard on the mouth and grabbing a handful of hair. Told her “ Thanks for the great fuck!” We then left and met our friends keeping the secrets to ourselves.



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