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Hot Lesbian Sex is a favorite for a woman like me. – I was sitting home on a Friday afternoon, finding myself feeling a little horny and hot.  My pussy hadn’t seen any action in a long time.  Then a phone call from a very young lover helped change that. It can come from the most surprising places.  Agreeing to have my lover over for some hot fun seemed like a perfect solution to a very personal problem.  Greeting her at the door wearing nothing but a robe was naughty but fun. Imagine my surprise when my young lover showed up with a very hot and, too young friend.  Sally and Lila wanted to worship my pussy. Sally’s pussy had been the object of my own very eager and worshipping tongue on more than one occasion. Intrigued by the possibility of her and pretty Lila returning the favor, I eagerly agreed.

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Pussy worship sex was one of my favorite things to do with lovers.  However, having two very young and eager tongues to worship me was a new concept for me.  The first thing Sally asked me to do was get in the shower.  Once there, she and Lila proceeded to wash my entire body with slow strokes.  I got distracted by their hot young bodies.  Sally had dark hair and big brown eyes.  And sexy breasts were the size of oranges with very dark nipples.  Pretty little Lila was tiny with blonde curls.  Her big breasts looked so hot on her little body.  Her blonde pussy distracted me. And then I got swept into pleasure as they spent extra time on my pussy.

My moans filled the steamy room as the washcloth went back and forth between my legs.  My head fell back as a moan of pleasure fell from my lips.  Feeling a tongue slide between my pussy lips, I looked down.  Lila’s eager tongue felt so yummy, rolling around my swollen clit.  I ran my hand through her hair to push her closer.  Then Sally turned off the water and motioned for Lila to get up.  Stepping out of the shower into a warm towel felt delicious.

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Sally and Lila motioned for me to lay back on the edge of the couch.  My confusion soon disappeared as they moved the ottoman closer.  Lila sat on the floor between my legs.  She draped my legs over her shoulders.  Sally sat on the couch just behind her.  Looking down, I moaned as Sally whispered in Lila’s ear.  Lila smiled and leaned forward.  As her tongue slid, deep Sally began quietly directing her strokes with her voice.  As I watched Lila eat my pussy, Sally started to playing with Lila’s beautiful tits.  I slid my fingers into Lila’s hair and pushed her closer to my soaking wet hole.  As my first orgasm rippled through me, I screamed in pleasure.

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Then they slowly dripped massage oil all over my belly and hot cunt.  Pushing Lila out of the Sally slid a large dildo between my lips.  As she fucked me, Lila’s hands began stroking my stomach and then up to my breast.  My nipples were erect and aching. Then her hand moved down to my pussy again.  Stroking my clit lightly, she smiled and looked up at me.  Just then, Sally then spread my lips and ran the dildo up and down my wet slit.  My clit became engorged with my arousal.  My moans of pleasure filled the room as my hips began to roll, and then my head fell back against the pillows.  I screamed again as I squirted hot cum all over the ottoman.

Before I could catch my breath, I opened my eyes just as Lila straddled my face.  Her sweet young pussy was surprisingly delicious. Despite being smothered by her pussy, my hot and eager tongue sucked her swollen clit into my mouth.  It didn’t take long for her hot juice to fill my mouth.  As I leaned my head back, I saw Sally looking down at me.  As Lila took control of the dildo, Sally pulled my knees up to my chest.  Looking between my spread legs, I saw Lila’s smile as she plunged the dildo deep into my ass.  I couldn’t help moaning as I heard Sally’s voice, “It’s going to be a long night, Mistress Chanel.”

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