Hot Virgin Sex-Love on the Beach

Hot virgin sex turns a day at the beach extra sexy. I was always mature for my age, and by the time I was 12, I already had a D cup and an ass that made men stop in their tracks.  At 15, I had a fake ID that I used to dance with hot older men at the Holiday Inn on the beach.  Rubbing my sexy body against all the out-of-town businessmen to the top 80’s hits became a regular weekly event for me.  Of course, add the additional fact that I was still a virgin, and you have a special recipe for erotic fun.

Taking a break from dancing one night turned into a night of pure Sex on the Beach.  As I danced with the hottest guy in the club, I could feel my pussy pulsing.  Mark and I had danced together many times but this time seemed hotter than ever before.  This particular night we had been drinking and dancing for hours together.  As the hours passed, our bodies became closer, and our movements slower and more erotic.  Deciding to take a walk on the beach to cool off seemed like a good idea at the time.

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But of course, once on the beach, cooling off was the last thing that happened. As Mark led me towards the sound of the surf, I could feel my already wet cunt clenching at the thought of what was to cum.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for hot virgin sex. My hands snaked around Mark’s hips and drew his pants down to his knees. His underwear quickly followed suit, and his throbbing hard cock popped out.

I dropped to my knees in front of him on the cold sand.   He shoved my hands under his ass, and I grabbed his buttocks while I licked the taut, satiny head. In a violent motion, his hips arched up, shoved his cock through my lips until it touched the back of my throat. His hot and hard cock slid smoothly down my throat.  My eyes filled with tears even as I felt my gag reflex kick in.  My pussy filled with hot liquid as I adjusted to the feel of his shaft in my mouth.   God, he tasted so good! This felt so right. Wildly desperate for more, my nails dug into his ass, my mouth sucking, needing to make him come deep in my throat, needing to taste him.

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This was a first for me, and I should have been frightened. However, fear was the last thing I felt as I knelt in front of him.  I found myself loving the feeling of his cock sliding against my tongue.  Before I could go further, he pulled my mouth off and pushed me back onto the cool sand.  Feeling the sand at my back, I felt him push my skirt up and my panties down in one smooth motion.  His thumb rubbed my clit as he thrust two fingers deep into my dripping wet pussy.  Subsequently, my hips began moving with his fingers while I pulled his mouth close and tangled my tongue with his.

Mark slid his hot hands underneath my shirt.  With one hand, he was able to unsnap the front closure of my bra.  As my tits spilled free, Mark’s fingers rolled my nipples tightly.  My moan of pleasure joined the sound of the waves crashing to create a symphony of music to the night.

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Mark plowed his cock into my throbbing cunt so fast that the mixture of pain and pleasure took my breath away.  Desperate to claim all of him, I wrapped my legs around his hip.  My thighs formed a tight grip as I rolled my hips in perfect harmony with his.  Enjoying every inch of his cock stretching me, filling me, I stared deep into his eyes as he screamed, “You’re mine! Mine,” he growled.  Of course, I smiled because I knew the real truth.  In the final analysis, it was Mark that was mine.

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