Do You Have An Impregnation Fetish?

You may think I am young and naive but I am anything but. Not many of you know but I actually have an impregnation fetish and I would do anything for your load. In fact, I’ve got the perfect little outfit for the night I get to feel you filling me up with your creamy cum. A sexy little baby doll, all pink and ready for you to rip off. Now it’s time for us to have some sex on the phone.

Imagine me standing right in front of you, wearing that sexy lingerie and ready for your cock. Of course, the first thing I would do is tease you.

I want you to be rock hard before I slid your pants down and take your dick down my throat. Though I do love having you in my pussy, deep inside me there’s something having your cock down my throat that I love. Perhaps is the way it makes me gag and I end up slobbering all over it. After that is your turn to please me. I want to feel your tongue deep in my little cunt. Make me beg for your cock now and satisfy my cum fetish!

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