Come Feed My Cum Eating Fetish

Every boyfriend I’ve had knows that I have a cum eating fetish. I have no idea how it happened but I just love a thick creamy load sliding down my throat. It’s a delicious treat and once I have it, I just want more. Here’s where it gets a bit interesting. Sometimes I start craving cum out of nowhere. That why I decided that as a payment for being such a good babysitter I wanted Mr. Miller’s load.

Because when you look like me, no man will ever deny me of my favorite dessert, never!

We were on our way to my house. Mr. Miller was dropping me off after spending a day at his babysitting. That night there was only one thing I had in my mind and it was to drain Mr. Miller’s balls. When we arrived at my place he parked his car right in front of my door. He was about to pull out his wallet and I stopped. I told him, straight up, that I wanted something else. Mr. Miller was extremely nervous but couldn’t say no to my crazy request, I unzipped his pants and the fun began!

I started by stroking his cock while I looked straight into his eyes. Believe me, it didn’t take long until he was rock hard and ready for my mouth. As soon as I started swirling my tongue on the tip of his dick I could taste his precum. Mr. Miller tasted delicious, and now I couldn’t stop. I started sucking his cock like only a slut can, taking it deep down my throat. His balls were covered with my slobber and I just wanted him to pop in my mouth. Once he did, I didn’t waste a single drop of his load.

Now, every time I babysit for him, he pays me in cum!

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