I walked out of the shower and lay on the bed. It felt different than I had just walked down the aisle. I was hoping for the best as I await my husband, who went down the lobby. What would happen tonight if he would be too tired to make love to me? I have longed for hot honeymoon sex since the day he proposed. We decided to remain chaste all through courtship. And I must say it was a tough decision. I always wished he’d touch me and make me feel good, but he kept to his word and would keep his distance. What if he is impotent? The thought flashed in my mind as he walked back in. I looked at him with fear and curiosity boldly written on my face. 

Worry No More!

He came straight to bed and kissed my forehead, then went into the shower. I was soon lost in thought and was jolted back to the now when I saw him standing in the bathroom doorway, completely naked. It felt like a surge from 0 to 100. I have thought he might be shy with a small dick as I never got to see it all through the six months we dated. He proved otherwise as I looked at his not fully erect dick already at about 6 inches. He walked over to me and kissed me as I have never been kissed before. This awoke the slut in me, and I took the cue. 

Long Time Craving Hot Honeymoon Sex That Is Finally Here

I wanted to take charge as I came on top and put my right breast in his mouth. He took it like a hungry child and sucked. I moved on him like I was dancing without letting him go in. I could feel him get harder beneath me. Then he lifted me off and came on top. He moved in and whispered into my ears. “Let me make up for the six months of chastity,” he said. “I have a three-course meal prepared for you”. I blushed and could feel my pussy twitch from his words alone. 

“Now for your appetizer,” he said and moved towards my pussy. He told me to remain still as I felt his cold tongue on my pussy. His tongue licked my clits, and I clenched onto the mattress tighter. He switched up and sucked harder as I moaned loudly. Then he did a twirl that almost sent me over the edge. He paused and blew cold air over my pussy as I calmed down again. He did this a second time before putting his tongue far up into my pussy. I cried out his name, and he stopped. I didn’t want him to stop, I wanted more! I wanted the hot honeymoon sex that I have been touching myself at night too.

Oh, Give Me The Entree!!

I wanted him inside me so bad, but he was taking his time as he came up to whisper again in my ears, “Now to the main course meal,” he said. Shivers shot through me as he said those words, not from cold but from a deep longing for this hot honeymoon sex my mind raced for. He held both my legs up onto his chest, then rammed into me hard. I could feel him hit my cervix wall as I screamed. In all my sexual experiences, this was new and felt very different. He fucked me till we both came together almost at the same time. 

He fell into bed beside me and placed his head on my breast. After about a minute, he asked if I was ready for dessert or if I would prefer to rest as I was breathing heavily. How about I give you dessert instead? He answered with a smile asking what I had in mind. Without giving a response, I moved down and put him into my mouth, and he moaned loudly as he got very hard against my mouth. I sucked him till he came before we both finally fell asleep in each other’s arms. 

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