I am a submissive at my core. I love rough sex and hardcore roleplay. But sometimes I do enjoy the lovey-dovey passionate sensual sex portrayal. Something about the slow kissing and gentle rubbing on my body really gets this pussy wet. Not to mention everything sensual leading up to that!

Foreplay Matters

I have been noticing my neighbor, two floors down in our apartment complex. I even saw him checking his mail the other day – I specifically remember the yellow ribbon next to the word “Joseph” on the front of his little box in the lobby. He might be out of my league but today is the day I try to make a move! I am craving that passionate sensual sex, and he looks like the type to do just that.

I see him walk in the front door of the lobby and head straight to the elevator like he always does; and in the elevator I am, waiting for my chance. “Joseph, right?” As my hand shoots forward, reaching out for his. My heart rate increases as I’m trying to check him out without him noticing. That passionate sensual sex I hope we’re going to have is still playing through my head while he looks at me.

Now He Knows

“Yeah, how did you-” Before he could get it all out of his mouth I interrupted; I do that when I’m nervous. “It was on the box… I think you’re cute,” The words came out of my mouth before I even thought them through, my stomach dropping to the floor.

“I think you’re cute too…” those words rolled off his tongue with such grace.

“Do you want to come back to my place for a glass of wine?” I look up at him, patiently hoping he doesn’t turn me down. “I would love that!” he softly winks while he responded.

Finally, The Start of the Passionate Sensual Sex I Desire

The elevator stops at my floor and I guide him to my house. Laughing the whole time we’re walking, catching up, and learning more about each other. I didn’t know he was going to be this funny on top of how sexy he is, and I’m a sucker for a guy with a sense of humor!

I show him my house and immediately hand him a glass of wine. Fast forward a couple of glasses of wine later we’re laughing hysterically about things that didn’t even matter, music from my record player blaring in the background. I walk up to him, mid-giggle, rest my head on his chest and sway with the music. Swaying romantically in the middle of my kitchen, I hear him set his glass of wine down on the table. His fingers start sliding and weaving through my hair as he pulls my head up to face him, his soft lips pressing against mine.

The warm breath goes into my mouth as I push my body more into his, allowing his tongue to be entangled with mine for a moment before my hand starts to wander down to the hard silhouette of his mature cock through his pants. God, his dick is huge, his pants tighter than any I have ever seen.

Unexpected Turn of Events

Of course, I knew we were going to have passionate sensual sex. Just didn’t expect it to be so swift and effortless. I felt his hands wrap around me, lifting me up on the counter and in one swoop, my pants are gone. His eyes sparkling, breath lingering on my neck as I feel his cock slowly get pushed inside of my dripping wet pussy. Euphoria fills me as he softly fucks me in my own kitchen. Kissing my neck and tracing his fingers down my spine while he fills my pussy with his cum. Could I be in love this soon?

We sat and cuddle in the kitchen for a moment, before moving on for a couple of hours. But the sex we had later that night, was even more passionate than I could have imagined.

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