Hot Girlfriend Contest brings home winning prize every time.

I burn for you my darling. The one I have been envisioning all this time has captured my Hot Girlfriend Contest mind in a single smile. You are the answer to so many questions I have repeated in my head on a reeling desire for more. The more I prayed upon every first star of the night’s sky for, and the more this romantic woman has longed to be devoted to. The GFE Phone Sex that I have always had inside of myself and squandered at times to lesser men will forever wrap you in warmth from my everything.

I am yours, and in being yours I will rip the beating heart from my chest. I will serve you my delicacy on a platter forged for a king and gladly watch as you consume my offering. The passion pulses through my veins caring love throughout my spirit in unimaginable volumes. I overflow onto the concrete transforming into a puddle where I can see the reflection of my own inner phoenix reborn into the purity of love.

Witnessing the redemption of my Sensual Seduction, and the need to express my hunger for your flesh.

My thirst for your sweat cannot find the quenching delight by a casual encounter. For your Hot Girlfriend Contest winning woman, I have been on a quest for you. Longer lasting is my renewed soul’s recognition to its counter at last coming to rest inside of the couture of my devotion. Come and be with me telling erotic sex stories of ecstasy and life. Where our bliss breeds the perfume drifting in the wind for eternity.

Having the very best hot sex with your Hot Girlfriend Contest winner is pretty automatic really. Keeping things interesting and sexy is a pleasure of mine and soon to be yours too. Thinking of ways to keep you on your toes is like planning a kink fest for the two of us. Making it harder than ever for you to keep your hands off this prized ass I sway and bend for you. Commanding every bit of your attention and having you want to fill me up completely.

Thrusting in and out of me as deep as you can get.

Pumping me balls deep, so hard while picking up speed gets better every time. Knowing each other’s bodies is the key to success at this level. Listening to your breath and when you hold it shows me exactly what I do that you love so much. Hitting those spots in the rhythm that can be dragged out with the right Edge Play Phone Sex is the best.

Teasing is a real art form. Painting the picture with touch and movement so you know what will be coming next, but find yourself unsure of when. Leaving the mystery stimulating your cock while I caress and nibble you up and down. Being the man who has me dangle pussy every chance I get gives you perks others want.

 You need to want me from across a table any time we’re in public together.

To feel trapped in public where anyone could notice your rock hard cock under your pants. You need to want me so bad that you find little nooks to tuck me away in to grab me and squeeze me. Then when I know you can’t focus on anything else I’ll take you home to give you all that sweet pussy you crave. Baby, I get off thinking about our date night. I want you so bad right now.

Wanting to see you and suck your mouth, and to suck everything on you. When I get in the same room as you, oh baby you’re in big trouble. I’m going to eat you alive. Dropping to my knees and looking up into those beautiful eyes of yours. You will see how much I want you, how much I need you. Push into my mouth giving me that big fat cock, feeding me my favorite meal.

Oh fuck! I want you.

How can I keep getting ready to see you when I have to keep cleaning myself up from cumming to my own cock sucking fantasy. I’m ready to give it all lover. Kinky Phone Sex in every way, shape, and form.

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