I love it when the summer weather starts cooling off. The breezes are rustling through the trees and it is time for my family and me to head out for some Hot GILF Camping Fun. My kids have nice campers and their kids love sleeping in tents so everyone is happy. We go to a camping area in the southern part of our state that is absolutely gorgeous.

Of course, we pick an isolated area for our camping spot. We like privacy so we can have all the fun without interruptions. When I was younger, my entire family got together at my grandparents for sexy GILF Family Play. My grandmother was the matriarch in those days and she made sure everyone had the best of times!

Now it is my family and our Hot GILF Camping Fun!

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The park is gorgeous today as we pull in to look for the right spot for camping this weekend. We find our spot and set up camp. The kids are off exploring and we adults enjoy relaxing in nature. My son is a great cook when we are camping and is always in charge of meals. He is preparing dinner while the rest of us are out for a nice stroll.

Once back, we all eat dinner and relax a bit before some naughty fun.

We enjoy having our fun on pallets under the stars. My daughter and I lay out the blankets in a big grassy area. We make sure there is enough room for all of us and our hot GILF camping fun. At first, we all just sit and chat, then we start making out. Slowly, we are undressing each other until everyone is naked. The night air feels so good and our nipples immediately get hard.

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Then, we move over to another pile of family members to join in their fun.

The hot GILF camping fun is just getting started. We have all weekend and so many naughty things to do and places to do them! Curious to hear more? Call me!