Coming across this machine was just random. And, I never thought I would use it as I do. However, it is so much fun turning sexy men into tiny little pleasure toys on my hot giantess adventures.

Of course, when we start, I am an average size woman. By the time I am finishing with them, I am a huge beautiful giantess shoving them in naughty places for her own desires.

Although, the machine is a prototype and doesn’t have approval for use. That isn’t stopping me from having fun with it. In truth, it is hard to see what uses it has and then this thought came to mind.

And, on a horny night, my hot giantess adventures begin!

I am never sure if the machine will work properly. Luckily, it is working great so far. In fact, I am having so much fun with my new little boy toys. When I am out and about and a guy catches my eye, I know I am taking him down, literally.

We start chatting and I invite him back to my place. Of course, he is clueless. I offer him a drink. It always has a small sedative additive.

Once he is relaxed and unaware, I bring out the machine. I get it near him and push the buttons and bam, the hot giantess adventures are starting as he is staring up at me.

He is so tiny on my couch.

This is so much fun. Seeing their reaction when I first shrink them down. Of course, they have no idea of the fun we are going to have. I swoop up his little body and take him into my bedroom.

I carefully place him on a pillow and do a striptease for him. It must seem weird how big all my beautiful parts and curves are at this point. Haha. They do look at me funny.

After I am completely naked I am ready for the hot giantess adventures to commence. I pick up my boy toy and put him on tit. My nipples are the size of his head!

He is staring up at me but quickly wrapping his arms around that nipple too.

I rip his tiny clothes off and start touching his body. His tiny cock is so hard. He is even stroking it as he plays with my sexy huge MILF tit nipple. From there, I let him crawl all over my body.

I love how it tickles. He gets down to my pussy mound. Because he is so small, I have to part my own pussy lips for him to play with it. If I am not careful, he can smother in there during our hot giantess adventures.

Once, I do that, he hops into my pussy and uses his tiny mouth and hands all over the place. He shoves his arms and legs inside my cunt. It is odd but it definitely feels good.

The real hot giantess adventures are going to requires him to hold his breath.

I pick him up out of my pussy and hold him in my hand. Then, I tell him, I need him to hold his breath as I use him as a human dildo. I want him to move his arms and legs like crazy when I do it.

He gives me the thumbs up and I tell him to hold his breath. I shove his little body inside my pussy and as he is moving like crazy. Of course, I cum so hard,  I squirt him out.

It is just the first run for our fun tonight. Curious to hear more? Call me for some hot fetish phone sex!

Hot Giantess Adventures