Holy shit, I have such a big crush on my hot future father-in-law!

Do not get me wrong, I think my fiancee is hot as fuck. He is great in bed. And I love playing with his dirty blonde hair while he spends hours eating my pussy out.

But sometimes I close my eyes and start to let my mind drift into how fun it would be to be pushing my hot future father-in-law’s cock right down my throat. It would feel so good to be able to take his cock in my mouth. I want to taste all of those yummy pre-cum juices.

I thought it was just going to be a kinky naughty fantasy until I went over one day. It was still early in the morning. My fiance is not awake yet, but my hot future father-in-law is.

He is sitting at the kitchen table having coffee. Then he motions for me to come to join him in the closest chair.

I knew it would be rude to refuse such a kind offer. I sit down next to him, and I can’t help but look at the way he is sipping on his hot coffee, wishing it my clit he was taking into his mouth.

Suddenly, he put his hand on my lap and started moving my dress up without even moving his eyes from his coffee. I spread my legs right away for him. I know it is so wrong and naughty, especially with my fiancee asleep upstairs, but I couldn’t miss out on this golden opportunity to fuck the man that I have been fantasizing about for so long.

When I spread my legs, he didn’t hesitate and started rubbing my panties, until I could feel a wet spot start to form. It felt so good, and I found myself moving closer to the edge of the chair…closer to him.

I guess my hot future father-in-law was satisfied with how wet I was because then I felt his fingers slip inside me, and start fingering me.

It felt so good! His fingers curled up inside me perfectly. This is why fucking older men are so much more fun! He knew exactly the right buttons to press. My G spot was getting attacked in the best way by his hand, and I didn’t want him to stop. It was so hard not to moan at all, but then I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

Before my hot future father-in-law could pull his hands away from my tight teenage cunt, my fiancee was already bouncing around in the kitchen. Luckily, he couldn’t see anything at all, but my future father-in-law didn’t miss a single beat, and he kept finger banging me right underneath the table. He started going harder and harder, and I couldn’t contain the moans!

My fiancee noticed soon after, and he raised his eyebrow at me, then towards his dad. “What the fuck Dad! You are doing this AGAIN?”, my fiancee exclaimed as he walked over to us, catching us in the act with no way out.

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