You could say my tight teenage cunt had Mr. Barnes totally addicted.

After putting Mr. Barnes through a painful edging exercise one afternoon, I decided to fuck him a few days later because my tight teenage cunt needed some daddy fun. To make it stressful for him and hot for me, I decided to do it on the weekend. On Friday afternoon, as I left class, I handed Mr. Barnes the picture frame that I took from his office earlier in the week.

I had replaced the family picture with one of his cock, whelped and red, my belt torture. The look of terror on his face made my tight teenage cunt squirt on the spot. Then, I told him I had a copy for his wife and asked if he wanted me to bring it to his house on Saturday. He lost all color in his face, he started to tear up, and I saw his lips quiver. He had fun fucking college girls before, but I was on a whole different level.

I offered him a way out – find a way to fuck my tight teenage cunt at his house on Saturday. 

He begged me to change my mind. And the more he pleaded, the wetter I got. I took the high heel on my shoe and stomped it into the middle of his foot to make my point. Having his attention, I told him to text me with arrangements by 8:00 PM or plan on me showing up for a chat with his wife at 8:30.

About 7:30 that night his text appeared, as I knew it would. He told me his girls had a soccer game at 1:30 Saturday afternoon and that he arranged to stay home to “do some repairs.”

I told him to answer the door wearing his wife’s panties and nothing else. He said he could not do that. So, I texted him a digital copy of the cock photo and put his wife’s phone number in the body of the text. I turned off my phone for the night, knowing that he would continue to beg. The idea of him staring pointlessly at his phone every two minutes fueled my hunger as I rubbed my tight teenage cunt to a massive orgasm.

On Saturday, I rang his doorbell at 1:30 as agreed.

He answered the door and tried to hide his body. When I pushed the door open, there he stood in a pair of peach hipster panties. I left the front door open to his dismay, grabbed his hand and, told him to take me to the bedroom. His bedroom was lovely.

His wife had decorated it in soft grays and blues. When I pulled the comforter down, I was pleased to see soft luxurious sheets. I pushed him down on the bed and stroked him through those yummy panties. He got very hard, and his cute cock head peeked out of the top of those panties. Slowly, I peeled them off and then stuffed them in his mouth.

Once done, I positioned my tight teenage cunt over his cock and lowered it down.

I began to ride him with my hips, and he soon fell into a rhythm with me. I suppose I could have just fucked him and had a little fun, but I could not resist pushing the limits. Then, I pulled handcuffs from my backpack and cuffed his hands. Then I pulled out my nipple clamps and attached them.

I grabbed the nipple clips and pulled on them like the reins on a horse. As I rode and stretched, my endless squirting orgasms over and over again until I was exhausted. He laid there in pain and without having cum. I just left him. About four hours later, I got a text from his wife asking if I wanted to have even more fun with her subby hubby!

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