I lured my young teenage nephew into my bedroom with hopes of a summer job. But once I got him in my lair I drop my silk robe to the floor and stood before him butt naked.  “Oh Auntie….you are so god-dam hot. I’ve been dreaming about fucking you.” I said, “I know. Now get to it.”

He grabbed my body and made me sit on his face. As he licked and sucked my pussy I bent over and deep-throated his cock. Then turned me over and spread my legs wide open and drove his young, firm hard cock deep inside my pussy. The thrust of his cock felt so good. He pumped my pussy harder and harder. I stretched my long legs around his shoulders and lifted my ass cheeks to get all that cock deep inside my pussy. He was so big and hard.

He turned me around and fucked me doggie style with such a hardcore thrust I could feel his balls slapping my ass as he fucked my pussy from behind. Then I climbed on top and straddled him and slammed my pussy up and down on his cock as my tits bounced in his face. He grabbed and suck my tits and twisted my nipples til screamed. Faster and harder we fucked like two sex fiends. “I’m cumming Auntie… I’m cumming.” “CUM inside me, baby. CUM inside my pussy.” He exploded a heavy load of cum inside my pussy and I squirted my pussy juice all over his cock.

We lay there naked in our sweat. And he said, “Are you ready for round two?”

Well let me tell ya, that boy fucked me so good I could barely walk afterward. As he got dressed to go home I gave him an envelope filled with cash. “Here. This is for you for doing such a great job today.” He opened it and said, “Five hundred dollars?” “You deserve it, hun, you worked hard today. You gave Auntie exactly what she needed.” We agreed that this would be our “little secret”.

My sister called a couple of days later thanking me for giving Junior a summer job. I giggled and said, “You’ve raised a fine young man. He is very responsible.” My sister replied, “Genie, I want to thank you for helping my son become a man through hard work.” Then I said, “Well, for a young man of Junior’s talent and physical strength I’ve got plenty of HARD work for him to do.”  Oh if she only knew.


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