Hot Ex Hookup: We Couldn’t Help Ourselves And Ended Up Fucking

Hot ex hookup, almost everyone has a story about one. I definitely do… a couple of times with the same ex. It’s like we’re bound to do it no matter what. So, here we go, the story of what happened last Sunday.

I woke up around 10:30 AM and roll over and check my phone. My ex had texted me and asked if I wanted him to bring some stuff I left at his house. Yeah, it’s been over a year since we broke up but still, we just didn’t want to see each other. I took a deep breath and told him to come on over.

Then I got up out of bed and jumped in the shower really quick. I was not sure what to expect but I had to wake up just in case something good happens. Then I dry off and put on a t-shirt and skirt. Nothing too fancy for the day.

No makeup, not a single hair touched, no shoes… I was just bummin’ it. Before too long he pulls in my driveway and knocks on my door. I look through my peephole and see him standing in a shirt I bought him.

I took a deep breath, opened the door, smiled, and said “Devin. Hey!” He smiles and brings my stuff in and puts it down. Things still felt pretty awkward between us because of how awful things ended last year.

We didn’t say very nice words, we both were mean as hell, and he had found someone else (but, they broke up in August, which I found hilarious.) And now things feel a bit tense and weird but he said he was cleaning up his garage and found some of my things. I tell him how nice it is that he brought me my stuff and didn’t throw it away.

He sat on my couch and said: “Yeah, I couldn’t do that to you.”

I watch as he leans back on my couch and gets comfortable. Then I sit down on the couch right next to him just so we could feel each other’s presence. In the last year, I had only seen him twice, at his sister’s wedding and in June when he brought the dog over. Of course, I feel awful I haven’t seen my dog but… seeing Devin hurt too much.

We start talking about anything and everything all at once for 4 hours. I couldn’t believe how time was flying with him by my side. It feels like home and like I belong right there, on my couch, talking to him. Then the flirting started.

I reached over at some point and touched his arm. He got goosebumps and his pupils dilated. And in my spare time, I have learned that enlarged pupils do happen when you are looking at something you deeply care for or love. It felt like last year didn’t happen at all.

Then I flirt even harder by tickling him and giggling and I say “I miss you.” He then reaches over and tickles me back, smiles, and says “I miss you.” I grab his hand and we look at each other in the eye and we kiss. His soft lips on mine, his warm tongue in my mouth dancing around my tongue.

And my panties getting soaked.

We try to stop but feel drawn to each other like moths to a flame. And he then takes off my Cannibal Corpse t-shirt and kisses me harder. I stand up and pull off my panties because I was so fucking ready for him. He pulls off his shirt and I jump on top of him, kissing him as if my life depended on it.

I unzipped his jeans and felt his big, hard, throbbing manhood against my wet slit. He pushes it inside of me and we both moan and he says “Fffffuuuuckkkk.” Which, I know is Devin’s language for “This is the best thing I have ever felt.” I start to ride him and kiss him and he grabs my neck and chokes me.

I smile and ride him harder. And within moments I cum so hard that I see stars. He sucks my nipples as I cum and helps me bounce harder and faster. I cum again within a few minutes and he smiles.

I look at him in his eyes and watch as they roll back into his head. He grabs my ass and groans and growls loudly. And I know that I did an awesome job. We kiss again and he says “I’ve gotta go. I gotta play Sea of Thieves with my friends at 6 and it’s 5:30.”

Standing up, I nod and tell him “Uh… thank you?” He kisses my forehead and laughs and leaves saying “I’ll talk to you later… and let’s hang out soon, okay?” And I watch him get in his car and leave.

I immediately call my best friend Regina and tell her all about it. She was so happy it happened. Since she knows how much I missed that man. And then I smoke a cigarette and play some Animal Crossing. What a great day.

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