The feeling of a hot cum facial always makes me beg for more!

I’ve always heard that a hot cum facial can have some benefits for the skin as well. So what better way for a cum slut to make her skin look flawless then to take loads of cum on her face. Why stop there? I’d want it on my tits, ass, stomach, and back. Hot cum goes great with hot phone sex so don’t be shy. Give me a head to toe treatment with just cum! There was one time I got a truly professional cum facial at the spa that I frequent a few times a month.

I noticed him the first time I started going there, he was tall, sexy, and just oozed sex appeal. I would catch him watching me sometimes when I was getting a pedicure or my nails done. Feeling his eyes on me always made me tingle all over my body. I just knew I had to find out what he did and make an appointment with him. The next time I came into the spa, I asked the receptionist about him. She told me that he specialized in facials but also offered massage services as well. I thought perfect, I know I want him to give me a facial asap so I booked him for the very next day.

Finally, I could get facial from the hot stud at the spa!

That night I could get him out of my head. My excitement and imagination took over as I imagined what tomorrow’s appointment might be like. I traced my hands over my body imagining it was him, touching me and teasing my skin with his fingers. I wanted him to touch me all over and most of all I wanted to touch him. To feel that bulge in his pants for me, make it nice and hard. God, my cunt was dripping just thinking able sinking to my knees in front of him, stroking and sucking him while begging him to cum on my face. I rubbed my dripping wet pussy until my juices soaked my sheets. I just couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

When I walked into the door the next day he was waiting at the front desk, smiling and flirting with the cute receptionists. As I got closer to him he turned his eyes on me and my cunt tingled with excitement. His smile was so charming as he reached out his hand and introduced himself. I took it and he led me to his workroom letting my hand go to open the door for me. He told me I could get comfortable and put on a robe and he would join me again in a moment.

Knock, Knock

I was fulling stripped and wearing only a spa robe when knocked on the door and came in. Sitting down across from me he went over a list of treatments, all different kinds of facials and massage packages but none of them truly spoke to what I desired. So being the bold cum slut I am, I didn’t want to waste any more time. I undid my robe showing him my big breasts and gorgeous pink pussy and told him I was looking for a hot cum facial. He smiled at me and said,

“Perfect. Get on your knees and suck my cock, my pretty cum slut!”

I slipped my robe off completely getting on my knees and undoing his pants taking them down completely. His cock was already getting hard for me. I stroked and sucked on his big hot cock. I couldn’t wait to milk every drop of cum out of his heavy balls. As I licked and sucked on his ball I begged for all of the cum he had. I could tell I was about to get what I craved and he grabbed his cock from me telling me to look up at him. I looked into his eyes with my tongue out waiting to feel his hot cum all over my face. He groaned and came covering my face completely with his hot, sticky load.

He offered me a warm towel and I thanked him for my special hot cum facial. As I got dressed I could feel my skin glowing as I went to book another appointment for next week.

Give me the cum that I crave! Call me!