It’s well known that I’m the hot cougar wife of the neighborhood.

I didn’t realize I would get to prove what a hot cougar wife I am today. You see, I was really just going on a shopping trip. It’s true that I was shopping at Victoria’s Secret. That doesn’t really mean much though, does it? All these sexy lingerie could be for my husband after all. While putting my bags in the car, I must have been really distracted thinking about my new lingerie because I managed to lock myself out of my car. I’m so glad that you just happened to be nearby and saw me struggling.

I can see your eyes roaming up and down my body. You notice the wedding band on my finger and I see the moment you realize that I’m not a single woman stranded and in need of help. I’m actually someone’s hot cougar wife but that doesn’t stop you from staring. Your eyes are roaming up and down my tight body and you’re almost licking your lips with excitement. I notice the big bulge in the front of your pants right away. It’s not like you’re rock hard, but you’re definitely starting to stiffen as you take in my big perky tits, my long legs, and my tight round ass.

I chose this clingy low cut mini dress on purpose. My addiction to hot young studs like you is uncontrollable. I look up and down your body just as much as you look me up and down. We both undress each other in our minds and I can feel my panties starting to get damp. My nipples are stiff and pressing right against the front of my dress. I step closer and press my body lightly against yours. I lean over to whisper in your ear.

You’re so big and strong, how can I ever thank you?

There must be some way that I can show my appreciation for you helping me out. After all, you could have kept walking. You didn’t have to stop and use those big strong muscles to help me get into my car. Can I tell you a secret? I’m not usually so absent-minded. It’s just that I’m so very horny today and my wet hot cougar wife pussy is making it hard for me to concentrate on anything at all. Your cock gets even harder when you hear me say that and I can’t resist.

My hot horny cougar hand slides down your chest and lightly brushes against your throbbing hard cock. I give it a squeeze and feel you throbbing against me. We can’t go back to my place because my husband is going to be back in town anytime now but we can go to yours. I slip into my car and follow you to your house. You grab my ass as you motion for me to go inside. The door has barely shut behind us when you reach under my dress and yank my panties right off my body.

Feeling a little eager, are you? My hand reaches out and slides that zipper down. In the blink of an eye, both of us are completely naked and we’re heading for your bedroom. I sink down to my knees and take my first good up-close look at that young hard, big dick of yours. My tongue slowly slides up and down and all around every inch of your cock. My pussy is dripping even more, especially now that you’re playing with my big tits and humping your dick right in between them. Your precum is glistening on that swollen cock head.

I need you to fuck me right now!

Your big strong hands feel incredible as you push me onto your bed on all fours. Your young stiff dick is sliding and teasing up and down my dripping wet hot cougar wife pussy. I push back against you as you slowly start to thrust forward into me. That cock feels so good, it’s so big that it’s driving me crazy already. My husband could never even come close to measuring up to you. You’re so much bigger and so much better in bed. It looks like my husband is going to have to entertain himself tonight. I’m going to enjoy this young cock for as long as I can keep you hard and cumming, over and over again.

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