Hot College Girls Get Corrupted and Exploited – Part 2

It’s hard not to notice the hot college girls on campus. The best part of college is getting to party. Well, that’s how it was for me anyway. Getting to work back on my old campus and getting some of the innocent looking college girls to trust me was just the beginning. Now that they’ve have a little taste of drinking and playing with other girls it was time to take them out to a real party. I knew just the place.

Three of the new girls I had taken under my wing and I met up at my place. We had a few shots and then I took them out to one of the frat houses down the street. The parties there were always crazy and I wanted these innocent girls to see exactly what it was all about. As soon as we walked in there were hot college girls and sexy frat boys everywhere. The place was crowded which was perfect for my plans.

I got them all fairly drunk and I coaxed them into getting into the hot tub. There were already a few people out there but I told them it would be fine to just go in their bra and panties. They hesitantly stripped down and quickly got into the hot tub before anyone could notice. I know I said bra and panties but as I slid in with them I started kissing one of them. As we kissed I unhooked her bra. She was so in the moment she didn’t protest.

I threw her bra out of the hot tub and noticed that the other two girls were watching us just before they turned to each other to fulfill their own needs.

They weren’t taking off any more clothes at first so I moved to each of them and it turned into a pretty big orgy of girls in the hot tub. I quickly got up saying I had to get a drink and I would be right back. Instead I went into the house, found a few guys and told them there were some hot college girls naked in the hot tub waiting for them.

As they darted out of the house stripping off their clothes along the way, I picked up the camera from my purse and followed. By the time I made it out there the guys were already in the hot tub trying to kiss on the girls I left for them. The girls were trying to fight them off but when they saw me I told them to just go with it and enjoy. I knew they were virgins but that just made it even better. The guys wasted no time. Their hands were roaming all over the hot college girls tight bodies. Their big tits being squeezed while their virgin pussies were fingered under the water.

I could tell when the first girl was penetrated. Her scream echoed through the back yard as he broke through what was left of her innocence. One by one they all became real women. The tears leaking from their eyes causing their makeup to smear down their cheeks. They forgot I was there as my camera continued snapping pictures. I wanted to capture every moment of the night they became the naughty little sluts they longed to be. Now, what I planned to do with those pictures…that was a whole other story!

Bring on the hot college girls!!

Do you think I should post them up on a college blog? Before and after pictures of them for the whole campus to see? Maybe I’ll advertise how little they really know.  Explain how we could use some volunteers to show them how to be the naughty little sluts they crave being. Either way, these hot college girls were going to be fucked so much by the time they graduated that you’d think they went to school to be porn stars!! Give me a call and be my accomplice phone sex partner. Tell me what you think I should do with them.