As I walked onto campus the first thing that I noticed were all of the hot young college girls. It was my first day as a counselor at my old college. Just walking around campus brought back lots and lots of memories! The first of my college sex stories actually started before I made it on campus! I looked at all of the little college girls around me and remembered how innocent I was when I first arrived here. It didn’t take long for that to change. It was mostly good memories but looking back I wish I’d had someone like me around to help me not be so awkward.

That was exactly what I was going to do for these girls. Yeah, I was supposed to be counseling them on career paths, classes to take, and the importance of studying but I was going to teach them so much more! Like which parties were the best to attend, how to properly suck cock and how much fun it is to be with other girls! As I walked into my office there was already someone waiting for me. I couldn’t help but thinking how quickly it had begun.

Her dark brown eyes looked up at me. I could see the innocence in them and knew she was going be my first play thing. I warmed her up to me, getting her to open up about her life before college. That is what confirmed it all. The poor girl had been sheltered almost as much as I had before I arrived here. Before I sent her on her way we exchanged numbers and set a time to get together after we both finished our first day.

She showed up at my place ten minutes early. College girls are always so eager to make new friends on their first day. The fact that I graduated from the school she was attending only made her more interested. As she sat down I pulled out a bottle of wine. She started to refuse stating that she was underage but finally saw it my way when I told her it was just a little drink to celebrate.

As she drank her first glass I could tell she was getting a little buzzed. I filled her glass every time she got low. She was halfway through her third when I decided she was drunk enough to have a little fun with. I scooted closer to her so our thighs were touching. She didn’t think anything of it and kept talking. I put my hand on her thigh as I laughed at something she said that wasn’t even that funny.

She still continued on. But as I moved my hand up her thigh I heard her breath stop for a second. She didn’t protest so I slid my fingers into her shorts and started rubbing her panty covered pussy. That’s when she tried to stop me. I could tell she was enjoying it so even though she protested I leaned in and kissed her. When she started kissing me back I began moving my fingers to the seam of her panties. Her legs parted a little and I wasted no time sliding my finger inside her panties and down to her wet pussy.

Corrupting college girls is so much fun!

I started thinking back on my own first time sex story and couldn’t wait to show her what all college girls should be taught! Now I just had to find a couple of other girls to join in on the fun! I can’t wait to have them all eating out of the palm of my hand. That definitely makes it so much easier to exploit them. Do you have some naughty accomplice phone sex ideas? I love luring unsuspecting girls….and guys into my world of naughty adventures! Give me a call. Let’s have some fun!