Hot college girls always have the best stories to tell, and I’m no exception, especially when something like that happens!

Anybody who knows me understands just how incredibly horny I am when I sit at home. Luckily for me, I just ordered a new internet service to be installed, that means a technician is coming over that I can fuck, after all, who doesn’t love hot college girls? So I start to get myself all ready by putting on lacey black panties and a matching push up bra. My underwear makes my ass and tits look so nice! After that, I put on a sheer black nightgown, I make sure to leave it halfway open, however.

I sit and wait for the technician to come over and I hear a know on my door. When I open the door, I make sure my nightgown ‘slips open’ right in front of the technician.

I can tell it’s making him horny as I see his cock twitch in his pants.

After that, I show him where my internet is set up in my living room and I lay on my couch. My nightgown is completely open exposing my whole body. As he works, I begin to play with my clit and softly moan just loud enough so he can hear me while working.

As he finishes installing my new internet service he gets up and approaches me on the couch. Without saying a word, he pulls his cock out. Then I sit up and start sucking on it. He bends down while I suck on his cock and swiftly pulls off my panties. After that, he quickly pushes me down and shoves his huge cock inside me.

He starts fucking me so hard. I moan and scream so loud I am certain my neighbors can hear me. It felt even better than anal sex! He starts thrusting even harder and I can feel a huge load of cum filling my pussy up. After that, he puts his cock away, zips his pants up and tells me to have a nice day and leaves. Laying with a pool of cum in my cunt from some stranger is so hot, I might have to call another technician out soon!


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