Hot Client Fantasy of Pleasure and Adoration

That’s right; I’ve been having a hot client fantasy of you.  Your husky voice makes my pussy tingle as we set up the call.  I find myself looking forward to playing with you.  As we begin our call, it becomes apparent that we both felt it—the erotic energy of a real connection that transcends the norm.  Fifteen minutes turns into twenty and, then twenty turns into an hour and beyond. From and an outside perspective, someone may think our conversation is relatively mundane.  But it’s not.  Oh, not because of the content, but because the erotic energy continues to grow.

Then you ask me if I have a vibrator.  Of course, I do.  As you guide me through pleasuring myself, my pussy begins to throb. In return, I begin directing you to do the same. After climaxing, we whisper goodbye to each other.  You always start and end our calls with the same phrase, “You are my Goddess.” My legs continue to shake in the aftermath of my orgasms.  Now every time you call, my hot client fantasy grows.

Are You the One in My Hot Client Fantasy?

I dream of you often, in many different ways and places.  But one sticks out among the rest.  I’m out of town teaching a class, and the unthinkable happens.  I run into someone with a very familiar voice. At that moment, I’m excited but also nervous at the thought of being exposed.  My hot client fantasy was turning into reality.

I’m checking into the hotel the night before class begins at the retreat center.  Suddenly beside me, I hear your voice.  I quickly turn my back and listen as you check into the same hotel.  My mind is racing.  How could this happen?  After I have gotten my room key, I practically run to the elevators.  As the doors begin to close, I hear your voice again, “Hold the elevator.”  I pretend not to hear it, and I see a glimpse of an outstretched hand just as the doors close.

Your Best Fantasy is One Call Away

I walk into the masquerade cocktail hour in the bar of the hotel.  At check-in, a mask was provided along with the invitation for the event.  Feeling secure in my mask in the very dark bar, I order a drink.  Just as my lips touch the glass, your voice suddenly fills my ears,  “Is this seat taken?”  Shaking my head, I swallow my wine as my pussy starts to pulse with arousal.  And then your hand touches my knee accidentally.  I jump as you quickly apologize.  My soft voice assures you that it is okay.  No harm done.

Join Me in My Hot Client Fantasy

My imagination runs wild; the hottest phone sex fantasy is filling my mind. Before I know it, we start talking and share a few drinks.  When we are both sufficiently loosened up, you grab my hand and lead me to the darkened elevator.  As the doors close, you push me against the wall.  Your mouth feels even better than in my dreams.  As our tongues tangle, your knee pushes between my legs and lifts me.  My soaking wet pussy gets even wetter as you rub me just to the edge.  This hot client fantasy is truly blowing my mind. I can’t believe you are finally about to fuck me for real.

You push me into your dim hotel room.  I kneel in front of you as you pull out your throbbing cock.  As I begin to deep throat your length into my mouth, I am incredibly grateful that you didn’t fight my request to keep our masks on.  You mustn’t know who I am.   We move to the bed, and you start pounding my pussy.  As the sounds of our orgasms fill the room, I’m overwhelmed with feelings.  My hot client fantasy was so much better than I could ever imagine.

Cum Play With Chanel

You fall asleep, and I know this is my cue to leave before my luck runs out.  As I slowly slip out of the room, I hear your voice fill the silent room with your trademark phrase, “You are my Goddess.”  My legs are shaking as I walk away, realizing that you knew the entire time.  That truly was the ultimate hot client fantasy.

I wake up shaking from my dream, realizing that my hand is between my legs and my pussy is soaked.  As I log in to work, my line rings.   My breath catches in my throat when I realize it’s you calling me.   As I answer, my pussy fills with juice as you whisper that phrase yet again.  Of course, your Goddess is thinking of another hot client fantasy.  Maybe we can add some extra spice next time with hot lesbian fantasy.

Hot Client Fantasy Is My Weakness