Sometimes the thrill of hot cheating sex is something you just can’t pass up. I had been fantasizing for months about fucking my boyfriend’s best friend, James. I mean I just couldn’t resist him! One night he came over to visit and I knew this was my chance to make a move. My boyfriend wasn’t going to be home for hours and I was going to have some hot cheating sex.

When he came over I told him I was going to take a quick shower and I’d be right back. I came out in a towel a few minutes later saying I “forgot” something. When I got in front of him I accidentally let the towel slip and fall to the ground. I whipped around and let him see my full naked body. He stared at my perky tits and then slowly slid his gaze down my body to land on my pussy. “Like what you see?” I asked him.

He stood up and stalked over to me, grabbing me by my waist and backing me into the wall. James pinned me against the wall with one hand and started to run his other hand all over my body. Starting at my lips, trailing to my collarbone, to my hard nipples. Giving them a slight pinch and then leaning in to suck one into his mouth. He teased my nipple with his tongue and teeth as he trailed his hand down my stomach to my aching pussy.

This slut can’t wait for some hot cheating sex!

James ran his finger up and down my pussy lips. Making me quiver in anticipation. He slid one finger in my wet pussy and then pulled it out and brought it to my lips. I sucked his finger into my mouth and he groaned as he watched my lips wrap around it. I sucked on his finger like it was his cock in my mouth. James growled and pulled his finger from my mouth.

Getting down on his knees in front of me and putting one of my legs over his shoulder, he buried his face in my pussy. Moaning, I grabbed him by his hair. Pulling his face even deeper into my pussy. I loved feeling his tongue swirl in circles around my clit. When he sucked on it I almost came. As James sucked and teased my clit with his mouth and teeth he slid two fingers inside me.

James started fingering me slow and teasing at first. Making me arch my pelvis into his face. He had me begging for more. James started going faster and faster, hitting my G-spot every time he slid his fingers back into me. I felt my pussy start to tighten around his fingers as I was about to cum all over his face. But right as my orgasm was about to hit he pulled his fingers out of my pussy.

James knew how to tease a pussy!

James stood up and pushed me to my knees. I immediately undid his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock. That thing was huge! It was 9 1/2 inches long and as thick as a pop can. I wrapped my lips around the tip and my hand at the base of his cock. I started sucking and stroking him. Taking him into my throat and gagging on him. The more I sucked on him the wetter my pussy became.

I could feel his cock swell harder in my mouth and knew if I kept sucking he was going to fill my mouth with cum. He slid his hand into my hair and yanked me off his cock and spun me around to face the wall. James pushed my legs apart and I could feel him tease the tip of his cock up and down my pussy. Then the head of his cock slid inside me, he grabbed my hips and slammed the rest of it inside my tight pussy.

Moaning his name as he pounded my pussy. It felt so good getting filled with that huge cock of his. My hot cheating sex fantasy was so much better in real life. I just knew he was going to cum in me. Maybe this would even turn into impregnation sex! My pussy started tightening around his cock and I reached down to rub my clit. Sending me over the edge, my orgasm crashed through me hard. It sent him over the edge and he unloaded a huge load of cum inside me.

I loved getting fucked by my boyfriend’s best friend.

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