This new guy I’ve been talking to has an interesting fantasy. He wants to have impregnation sex. He always says “naughty girls don’t use condoms and they let their guy have them whenever they want. Naughty girls know they’re going to get pregnant someday.” I started fantasizing about being the girl to take his cum and carry his baby. The thought of being filled with his seed making me soak through my panties.

My favorite impregnation sex fantasy is that it would start out with him laying me down on the bed. He would start by kissing and biting on my nipples. Kissing his way down my stomach to my tight pussy. Every kiss and lick sending pleasure shock waves through my body straight to my clit. Finally, his mouth gets to my already soaking wet pussy. Tasting me where his baby could come out of. The thought nearly sending me over the edge.

Then when I could take no more pleasure I would slide between his legs and suck on his cock.

Feeling his cock get harder and harder in my mouth. Slowly sucking on the tip and then taking inch by inch into my mouth. Worshipping his cock like the amazing baby maker it is. He would grab me by my hair and face fuck me until he couldn’t stand it any longer and had to be inside my tight pussy. Flipping me over onto my back and kneeling between my legs he would slide his hard cock inside me. Slowly thrusting in and out of me.

My pussy taking every inch he has to offer. Then he would pound into me harder and faster. Getting ready to release a nice huge load inside me. Making me beg and moan for his load of cum. Squeezing my pussy around his cock and I feel him expand with his seed. And then feeling him explode inside my pussy. Filling me over and over with his seed. My impregnation sex fantasy always gets my pussy throbbing and makes me want to find someone to breed my little teen pussy.

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