I Would Have Preferred My Daughter Have Horse Sex Than Be With Him!

This horse sex story was told to me by my daddy!  I wonder if he kind of spun the story out of control as he was a bit emotional when telling this story to me.  My father could always spin a good yarn!  During that time, my mom was away on business for a little time so my dad was at home, especially at night.  My younger sister Vanessa had discovered the nightlife and started hanging around with questionable individuals.  She started coming home late and violating the curfew.  The first time a police officer brought her home.

One night my dad was working in his studies.  There came a noise. which he could not identify  My father followed the noise around the house and outside.  He went around to the side of the house where Vanessa’s window was situated.  Through the blinds, he could see Vanessa and the officer who brought her home.  To say that my father was a little bit shocked would have been an understatement.  His jaw hung slack as he watched his young daughter take the biggest black dick he had ever seen into her mouth.  My daddy was riveted to the spot unsure of whether to be angry or hard as a rock as he was becoming in his pants.

None of us would have ever expected to see Vanessa doing such shocking sexually arousing acts.

His cock seemed to grow and grow.  She licked his large head and wrapped her lips around the shaft of his dick.  After he was at his full length, he put Vanessa on her back and slid his large black cock into her young wet pussy.  She moaned half in pain and pleasure.  His massive dick was so large, it couldn’t even fit all the way inside her tight hole.

The officer fucked Vanessa rocking her young petite body.  It was like watching horse sex as the officer’s cock seemed as large as a strong stallion.  The stallion was claiming his filly!  Daddy watched hard and fascinated as his young daughter’s pussy stretched to accommodate his large girth.  The stallion had massive balls which slapped her with every thrust.  What would Vanessa’s pussy look like full of hot seed?  There’s a lot more to write and talk about.

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