Everyone loves me now but back in high school I was second best to the Queen.

At least I was when it came to Homecoming Queen where I got runner-up. I don’t know how that bitch Susan beat me but she did. She must have fiddled with more than the ballots.

     I tried to get over my disappointment by dancing with some of the guys from the football team but I kept hearing Susan laughing and thanking everyone for voting for her. It sickened me so I left.

I ran into Brad, who had won Homecoming King and congratulated him. He told me that I should have won and I agreed with him. He could tell I was upset and invited me to hang out at his place. His friends Zack and John were going to be there too. Nothing cheers me up more than being surrounded by guys so off we went.

     When we got to his place we were the only ones there because his friends hadn’t arrived yet. We were on the couch making out when they finally showed up and sat down beside us.

I didn’t bother to stop what I was doing though and kept rubbing Brad through his jeans while kissing him. I felt one of the guys rub my leg under my dress but ignored it.

His hand went higher and slid inside my panties. Stroking my pussy lips I parted my legs so he could finger me. He slipped a finger in, felt how wet I was and slid the second one in.

Knowing what he was doing I soon was too distracted to give Brad my full attention. I looked at the guy and saw it was Zack. I leaned back and enjoyed what he was doing while the other two watched.

It didn’t take long for me to cum. Zack slid his fingers out of me and I licked them clean. Turning back to Brad I saw he still a bulge in his jeans.

Feeling bad about satisfying myself first I got on the floor in front of him, unzipped him and took his dick in my hand. I give it long, slow licks before taking him in my mouth.

 My hand was on his hip and I was feeling him hit the back of my throat when Zack took my hand. He wrapped it around his dick and I began to jerk him off. I was getting a good rhythm going when Brad pulled his dick out of my mouth.

A second later I felt hot cum splatter on my mouth and chin. I licked my lips clean and continued to stroke Zack. Hearing John moaning I saw he was jerking himself off.  Watching him as I stroked Zack I felt myself getting wet again from the Threesome.

I began to stroke Zack faster and he came all over my hand and arm. Going over to John I sat on the ground in front of him and I hiked my skirt up and began fingering myself.

My pussy was soaked and my clit was rock hard. Kneading it between my fingers I came. I was trying to catch my breath when John groaned and cum landed across my breasts and dripped down onto my dress.

 Well,  I may not have gotten a queen crown but I did get covered in cum and that makes me a winner.

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