Home For Some Daddy Daughter Incest

I went home to visit my family this weekend. There was only ONE thing on my mind. Seducing my hot-shit lawyer Daddy and fucking him stupid with some daddy daughter incest! 

That’s right – it’s time to push the envelope with my growing Daddy daughter incest obsession!

The tiny seed of this obsession was planted on Father’s Day. Some of you may remember the blog I wrote about the special selfie that Daddy’s girl took for him and sent to his phone as his very special present! If not, catch up! =)
Daddy’s girl gave him a BIG Father’s Day surprise!

I haven’t been able to get my Daddy alone since then to have a more in depth conversation about his present! I texted him and asked him if he liked it when I got no reply to sending the picture to his phone. His text response was very simple. “Yes”. My Daddy is nothing if not mysterious and hard to read at times. It was a direct answer, but what did it mean? Was it the simplest meaning, that indeed, he did like the selfie his hot ‘lil Princess sent to his phone in her skimpiest of outfits! Or for once, was he just at a loss for the words to tell me it was inappropriate?

I had to know if he was as excited at the idea of Daddy daughter incest as I was! On the drive home, I mused about what he had done with the picture. Did he delete the evidence? Or was it still on his phone? If so, had he looked at it again? If he had looked at it again: did it make his dick hard for his sexy ‘lil daughter? Could feel my panties growing damp as I thought about him pumping his hard cock. He looked at his darling Princess, aching to touch and taste her grown-up body!

When I arrived home, no one was there. Then I went upstairs to my room and unpacked. I put on my sweetest, most innocent looking summer dress, smiling at my reflection in the mirror. I sat down on the bed, sliding into my favorite pair of sheer, hot red panties. Putting on my favorite, strappy red heels that Daddy bought me while he was in New York. I was the perfect vision of  Daddy daughter incest bait!

Knew Daddy would be home for lunch. I made my way downstairs and let myself into his office, so he could find me there when he walked in. I was tired of waiting, I was tired of being avoided. Today I was gonna make my Daddy look me in the eye and tell me how that picture of his dirty Princess REALLY made him feel! I sat myself on the edge of his desk as I heard his key in the lock of the front door. My heart fluttered as his footsteps echoed down the hall. He got to the door, turned the knob, and walked in to see his perfect ‘lil Princess, in her chaste, innocent dress –  hot red heels encasing her gorgeous feet.

I smiled at him with a sexy but slightly anxious smile, waiting for his response. He smiled back at me, looking happy to find me perched on his desk! My heart melted and I hopped down off his desk so I could go get a great big hug from my Daddy.

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