Last year my daddy and my started a holiday tradition in which we plan to carry on this year too. Daddy will whisk me away after christmas to a beautiful cabin where the whole time i’ll be allowed to wear the special christmas outfits he bought me. For a whole week it will be all stockings,lace, and beautiful dresses. Daddy will bathe me and braid my hair every single day. Every morning till early evening i’ll get to play in the snow and drink hot cocao but….


Once evening come and i’ve had my nightly bathe the fun will begin. Daddy always gets tense from the day and so i’ll crawl over to him in whatever he’s chosen me to wear underneath my clothes. He’ll run his fingers over my pretty stockings and right up to my ass. Daddy will take out the special red butt plug with the pretty emerald at the end. He’ll lube it up and instruct me to bend and slowly slide it into my sexy little bottom.


It always gets me so wet and needy when daddy slide it in, i’ll be a good girl and fish out his big throbbing pole, just sticking my tongue out and licking him like a lollipop will have him grunting in pleasure…



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