Stuff Or Not To Stuff, That’s The Question: Anal Sex Stories

Stuff Or Not To Stuff, That’s The Question: Anal Sex Stories. So I have two stops to make today. My first stop is to one of my long terms POA’s house and if you didn’t know, POA is Piece Of Ass. He and I have been fucking for years now and it’s tradition for us to fuck Thanksgiving day. My second stop, of course, is to my family’s house. More specifically my cousin’s house.

We know that I am not writing about my family time. Well, I would, but not today of course. No, no instead I want to write to you about Max, my POA. You usually, usually he stuffs me full for Thanksgiving. He stuffs me, fills me and then sends me on my way. That’s how we traditionally do things. Then, he makes it so that while I am with my family, I have to constantly run to the ladies room to take care of the cum slowly oozing out of my pussy. I love it!

Anal Sex Stories: Yes Please!

It’s naughty, it’s fun, it’s exciting and frankly, I love all the questions I get. What are you doing Veronica? Are you knocked up or something? Why do you have to pee all the time? I love coming up with different excuses. I am touching up my makeup, I drank a lot of water, the alcohol is running through me. You name it and I’ve said it. I’d LOVE to be able to say, “I got fucked on my way over here and I have to keep wiping the cum oozing out of me!” HA! Wouldn’t that be something?!?!

Of course, some of my cousins know exactly what’s going on, but so many don’t. I think my grandparents would have a fucking heart attack and bite it, right there and then. I certainly can’t be responsible for that. Anyway, back to my naughty story. That’s typically how things happen. Max and I are very habitual and very traditional. However, this year I want to do something different. This brings me to my questions: to stuff or not to stuff?

Anal Sex Stories Are My Favorite!

This year I think I want to stuff him. I think I want to fuck him so hard and fill him up. With what you ask? I want to fuck him and stretch him out, then squat over his open asshole and squirt right there inside of him. Then send him off to his family’s house and hear later about how hard he desperately tried to keep my juices in. Oh what a visual. I am headed to his house within the hour and I need to have my mind made up by then. Should I stuff him or should I keep things traditional? Decisions, decisions. What would you do? How would you handle this? What would you want to be done to you?

Finally, be on the lookout Saturday, when I reveal what happened. Did I let Max cum deep inside of me like he always does? Or, did I squirt inside of his wide open asshole? An asshole that I fucked hard myself. Thinking about the possibilities are making me horny. I can feel myself getting more and wetter, just thinking about it. Naturally, I can just picture him there on his hands and knees, like a little slut. You know I want him and I want him badly. Don’t get me wrong I am not tired, nor will I EVER get tired of him stuffing my turkey for Thanksgiving.

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However, if you know me, then you’d know sometimes I just get a wild hair up my ass and I want to be bad! Stay tuned and you’ll see! Stay tuned also for more adult sex stories. I think you’ll love them…

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