Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday! I love hanging out and reconnecting with my family and closest friends. My aunt always throws the greatest dinner parties and Thanksgiving dinner is not exception. When I accepted her invitation to this year’s dinner, I had no idea of the holiday sex surprise that would be awaiting me there.

Decked out in a new fall outfit and my brand new red bottomed black stilettos I picked out for the holiday, I arrived at my aunt’s house ready to party. All the usual family members and friends were there, and as usual a few new faces. One gentleman in particular caught my attention and I could not manage to look away from him. His smoldering dark eyes and broad shoulders drew me into his presence. My sights were set and this new sexy stranger was going to be this year’s holiday sex surprise!

My sights were set and this new sexy stranger was going to be this year’s holiday sex surprise!

I offered out my hand as my aunt made the introduction to the new attorney at her law firm, who she informed me was new to town. She has specifically asked if I would mind showing James around and introducing him to the rest of the guests. Of course I assured her that I didn’t mind and would be thrilled to give a tour to my new holiday sex surprise.

After informing him that the view is what made the home so amazing, we headed upstairs. He must see it from the upstairs balcony I told him, which was conveniently located off my aunt’s master suite. Not more than a minute passed after walking into her room, he pinned me against her gorgeous sliding glass doors as he stuck his hands between my legs. I was extremely turned on by him and his bold moves. Because I wasn’t wearing any panties, my pussy was dripping with excitement as he began working my clit from under my skirt. I hadn’t felt this turned on in a while like I did from my new holiday sex surprise.

Quickly I unzipped his pants freeing his throbbing cock from it’s restraint. I was quite impressed with his size and girth, as I sat down on the bed right at cock level. I took in all of his beautiful thickness, sucking and stroking on his thick dick, bringing him fully erect. He pushed me back and opened my legs wide as he pushed his hard thick cock into me. I moaned in pleasure as my holiday sex surprise pounded into my tight little pussy. Feeling every vein and every pulse of his pulsating thick member, my body shuddered as he continued to rock all of his weight into me.

Quivers quickly overtook my body as we climaxed to orgasm simultaneously. It was the most amazing sex I had had in a while.

After lying there, completely spent for some time, we washed up and headed downstairs for dinner. The guests we beginning to take their seats. I walked by my aunt and whispered in her ear “thank you for my holiday sex surprise”!

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