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I don’t want lingerie, I don’t want jewelry, I don’t want an expensive holiday vacation. All I want for Christmas is you. No nagging, just pure ecstasy is what makes this one of my best sex stories for you. Close your eyes and let me tell you exactly what I want from you. Let me make you crave me as much as I am craving your touch right now. Then maybe, just maybe you might make some time for me during this busy holiday season.

Just imagine coming to my place. I am all dolled up waiting for you. As soon as you get here we start kissing. Passionate, long, wet kisses. The kissing becomes touching and the touching only gets hotter when I kneel right in front of you. Look down as I am looking straight into your eyes while I undo your pants. I want them to hit the floor and when they do, my mouth just wraps around the tip of your cock. Never losing eye contact as I show you just how much I can take of your dick. The roles reverse when you want to taste me.

As I lay on my back you slip my red lace panties off.

Spread my legs and taste me. I love feeling your hair in between my fingers as you push your tongue deep inside me. We can’t take it any longer, we want each other. I want you inside me as much as you want to be in me. With my legs on your shoulders, you start pushing in. I’m soaking wet and your cock slides in. Listen to the sound of my wet pussy wrapped around your cock. All positions and everything is allowed until you fill me up!

Give me the best gift you can give me this holiday season. Let’s spend some time together. No nagging, just pure ecstasy. Because all I want for Christmas is you!

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