Erotic Literature From Your GF!

I’ve read erotic literature before and now I know the passion it needs to write it. Those stories inspired me to write this just for you.

As I am laying in bed wide awake I can not stop thinking about your hands. That is how it all begins, with your hands. I love feeling them against my skin as you caress my face gently and move down to provoke my body. There’s something about the way you touch that no one else can imitate. Perhaps is the way you cup my breast with them that gets me so turned on.  Whatever it is I want them, right now!

I feel you with me when I close my eyes. I feel those same hands that I adore spreading my legs and devouring me. Because you always love doing it even though sometimes all I want is to have you inside me. You always take your time no matter how much I beg for you to be inside me. Your tongue slipping and sliding in places where only you know how to get wet. Wet is also an understatement. You get me soaking, as crass as it might sound. Once my sweet nectar is dripping down my sheets you come up and kiss me. Because you taught me how to kiss, remember? I always said that I was a horrible kisser but your lips, your lips were the book I needed to learn from.

My eyes are still closed and I can now feel you inside me.

When you make me taste myself on your lips and you start sliding in and out of me you take me almost to orgasm. I love looking into your eyes when I do it. I love looking into your eyes and I wish I was doing it right now. Because when I do it, and only when I do it I know that everything is going to be alright. As you feel me pulsating you start filling me up.

I am yours and you are mine.

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