The Outcome Of My Holiday Anal Sex Extravaganza: Stuffed!

The Outcome Of My Holiday Anal Sex Extravaganza: Stuffed! To stuff or not to stuff that was, in fact, the question. So, you tell me, what do you think happened? Did I fuck my POA or did he fuck me? Maybe it was both! There is NOTHING wrong with a mutually beneficial relationship and it’s possible that just decided to FUCK IT and let him have it. Anal sex is kind of my thing and frankly, I would have had the time of my life either way!

So, did you guess? Email me RIGHT NOW and tell me what your guess was and I will reward you handsomely! If you guessed that I spent my time fucking him in the ass, then you are mostly correct. Right before I headed to my family’s house, I stopped by to see my POA and I let him have it. Now, let me just say that for those of you who were CERTAIN I did more than just fuck him. Well, I’d then say you are ABSOLUTELY correct. I’d argue that you know me extraordinarily well and I love that.

Call Your No Limits Company!

What’s the deal you ask? Well, you already know from past stories that anal sex is something that turns me on, pegging is something that turns me on even more. Not only did I stop by to see my POA, JUST to fuck him. I then went on with my Thanksgiving plans, but then I came back for rounds 2, 3, 4 and so on. That’s right boys, I fucked the shit out of my POA the ENTIRE weekend. For the entire weekend, I made him my bitch. I fucked him every which way and then some.

You see, I fucked him so hard, so violently that at one point, we BOTH passed the fuck out from exhaustion. Then. I fucked him, gave him an alcohol enema (multiple), fuck him some more and so on. This went on and on. He was screwed, blued and tattooed. Almost literally! Well, I take that back VERY literally. I was MY bitch and for 4 long days and night, I made him aware of the fact in every way. I even as I said before brought myself to the point of squirting and I did so right into that man pussy of his.

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While enjoying a nice meal with my family, I got great pleasure thinking about him holding in my juices. Should he have failed, he would have been left with a very moist backside. What a sight that would have been. However, it’s my understanding that he successfully held it all in. What a good boy he is, huh? I personally think that’s rather impressive. I must say, I don’t think I would have been as successful. Guess we won’t know, not right now anyway.

Back to my little bitch and my abilities to fuck him silly. If you would have seen me in action, I bet you would have blown your load right there and then. Tell me, which man are you? Are you the man who would want to watch? Is there a voyeur inside of you? No, you much be the man who is sitting there right now, dick in hand, thinking about me drilling you?!?! Yes! Tha’s it, isn’t it? You’re imagining what it’s like for me to be behind you, fucking you. You’re thinking about me gripping you up by your hips and pounding the shit out of you. Isn’t that right? You’re thinking about anal sex right now, I know it!

Don’t be shy! Call me and not only will I share my adult sex stories with you, I will turn you into one of my stories. Anal sex is my favorite, what about yours? Call me naughty boy and let’s get physical!

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