All Of My Holes Were Fucked And Used

Most of the guys at the 4th of July picnic  had a piece of this young tight ass and as all of my holes were being fucked and used I marveled in the fact that once again I was the CENTER OF ATTENTION! It started off as a regular family & friends gathering at the local park for some holiday fun. But when my cousin Ricky and his gang of friends showed up everyone started feeling uncomfortable. Everyone except for me.

Ricky is fresh out of prison and he only hangs out with ex convicts. So naturally when he showed up the father’s held their daughters closer, Aunt Maggie decided it was time to go home and feed the cats and…well basically everyone started leaving. But I stayed put. Ricky and his friends didn’t intimidate me. In fact I was turned on by the fact that most of them (Ricky included) probably hadn’t had a good piece of ass since being back out on the streets. I knew that if I went to the restroom and waited long enough most of the family would be gone when I came back out. Sure enough, after I freshened my makeup, I came out and the only people left at the picnic were Ricky and his gang.

I had only been standing at the restroom door for a few seconds but, it was like they smelled me as soon as I came out. They were like a pack of dogs in heat and there was nothing I could do about it. Cousin Ricky called for me to come over and chat with him and his “boys” as he called them. I sashayed over there in my tight denim mini skirt, red tank top and blue sandals that showed off my pedicured toes. There were seven guys all staring and salivating over me. I could hear their breathing become heavier as their cocks began to grow with every drop of sweat that formed on my body. The only way I was getting out of this one was used and all covered in cum.

Cousin Ricky told me to get on my knees. Right there, under the park pavilion, in broad daylight I sucked my cousins dick while his gang of friends pulled their yearning cocks out and jerked them to the rhythm of my blow job. I swallowed Ricky’s entire 8 inch cock down my throat. I made sure that with every swallow I took his balls into my mouth too. The guys hadn’t seen a hot girl, doing the things that I was doing, in a very long time. By the 8th stroke of his cock in my mouth Ricky couldn’t take it anymore. He blew a huge load in my mouth and I swallowed every drop. That was the guys cue to go in on me and like a pack of dogs they jumped me and used my body as a sex toy.

In less than a minute I was naked. Every hole on my body was being filled, pumped and fucked. I just let the gang have their way. I was on all fours, with my body half way on the seat and the table of the one of the pavilion picnic benches. There was a dick in my mouth, one in my ass and two in my pussy. The guys were ravaging my body. And all I could do was let it happen. Cousin Ricky watched from the side. I was came so hard and so frequent that it felt like my body was about to explode! Each guy fucked me harder and stronger. They were egging each other on. “Get that bitch pregnant”, “Fuck that slut”, “You like that dick don’t you whore?!” My legs were week as my holes were being stretched and came in. One of the Black guys, fucked me for 10 minutes straight. He couldn’t get enough of this sweet booty. When he finally came the rest of the gang started clapping. Then it was their turn to fuck me deep in my holes. As I was being fucked I could see that someone was sitting in a car watching us. He was jerking off. He was loving the outdoor gang bang. It might have been my Uncle Benny LOL.

The last three guys pulled their cocks out of my pussy, ass and mouth and came on my face. I was drenched in cum and could barely walk. I soaked in a warm bath when I got home. I got a text from Ricky saying that him and his friends wanted me more often. I text back and said, “sure why not, I loved being used for your pleasure”. Sometimes the best sex happens when its least expected and I wasn’t expecting to get gang banged at the family picnic. Just goes to show that anything is possible.

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