Before my husband left for his week long business trip, he informed me that he finally hired someone to install a new security system in our home.  He would be coming the following day and assured my husband that he would be finished in a couple of hours.

Sebastian was a very good looking, guy in his early thirties.  He was very professional and described exactly what he was going to be doing.  It was a pretty fancy system, alarms, sensors, security cameras…

I sat in the living room couch and pretended I was reading as I snuck sneaky looks at him as he walked around the house doing his work.  His tight t-shirt fit snugly against his muscular body and I entertained myself with images of what he might look like without anything on at all.   He noticed me watching him and smiled seductively as he continued his diligent labor.

Sebastian was finally finished with the installation and showed me how to work all the new equipment.  I wasn’t paying that much attention because what I really wanted was to was get his dick in my mouth.  I gave him a check for the work and then offered him a drink. We sat on the couch and drank our beer together.

As we talked, his eyes moved up and down my body.  I was wearing a very sheer, white sundress and simply forgot to wear panties that day.  I am sure he got a very clear look at my ass when I stood up to get him another beer.

I handed him a freshly opened beer and he set it down on the coffee table.  Before I could sit down, he stood up and lifted my dress up to my waist.  He smiled hungrily as he looked down at my bare pussy and immediately, he tossed me on the couch, wrapped my legs around his shoulders and began eating my pussy as if he couldn’t get enough of it.   His tongue assaulted my sensitive clit and I grabbed his hair tightly in my fist.  My moans and groans grew louder until I cried out “HOLY FUCK” and my orgasm caused my body to vibrate uncontrollably.

He unzipped and lowered his pants and took out his big, smooth looking cock.  I tried to sit up to take it in my mouth but he pushed me back down.  He slipped his cock smoothly into my very wet pussy. Sebastian looked down at my cunt while he thrust his shaft deep inside, faster and faster.  I reached down and rubbed my clit frantically until we orgasmed together, both of us crying out from the sheer pleasure of it all.

I watched him get dressed and moaned softly.  “That was so hot, baby.”  I purred.  “I’m glad my husband is away on business.  He’ll never know this happened.”

Sebastian laughed.  “Sabrina, I installed security cameras, you know.”

I looked at him blankly.  “Yeah, I know… what does that have to do with anything?”

“They’ve been recording us.  Our little homemade porno is now on my hard drive.”  he calmly explained.  “So unless you want me to share it with your husband, count on me being here every week for some more of that.” he said, gesturing toward my pussy.  “Fridays work best for me.” he said, “I have all of you lonely housewifes on a pretty tight schedule, but I do have an opening on Friday afternoons.”  I was too stunned to speak as he leaned over and kissed my mouth, which was now hanging open in shock.

He winked as he walked out the front door.  “Wear something slutty on Friday, Sabrina.  I really love black lingerie.”

Who is next to blackmail this cheating, whoring, horny housewife? 

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