Which Sex Toys Are Hot And Which Sex Toys Are Not

Which Sex Toys Are Hot And Which Sex Toys Are Not! Here are eight of my favorite sex toys. Let’s Talk SEX TOYS!!! If you haven’t experimented yet, you’re missing out! Get on that shit, have fun and explore! The best part about toys is that they’re fun solo and, or with a partner! You decide.

So I found this article posted by Cosmo and after some careful consideration and
exploration, I must say they’re right on with this! I will stipulate that I first read the article, then tested out their selection of sex toys!

Here is a list of 8 MUST HAVE sex toys!

#1: GIGI 2
Lelo’s Gigi 2 Vibrator, $119, Lelo, is the ultimate G-spot vibrator. With eight near-silent vibration patterns, if you haven’t found your G-spot yet, you will find it with this.

* Pricey, but oh so worth it! This bad boy will rock your socks off!

Made famous on Sex and the City, The Rabbit Habit, $90, Babeland is a classic for a reason. The shaft provides G-spot stimulation and the bunny ears provide external stimulation. You’re covering all your bases so if one doesn’t work, the other will.

* Do you need direct clitoral stimulation? Then this is the bunny for you!

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Regular usage of Luna Beads, $47, Lelo, can actually strengthen your orgasm! The beads act as a sort of vaginal personal trainer, thereby intensifying your orgasm the more you use them. So even if you’re having orgasms most of the time, you could be having a better orgasm every time. Think of it as a workout with real results.

* Three words: OH MY GAWSH! Yes, it’s like that!

The Crave Duet, $149, Babeland, is specifically designed for clitoral stimulation and creates a kind of surround-sound situation of super-powerful vibration. It’s almost impossible that this won’t work.

* At first I was a little confused, but once you master it, you’ll make those toes curl!

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The We-Vibe 4 Plus, $179, Babeland, is another great little vibe that not only provides internal and external stimulation for you, it also provides it for your partner. So not only are you increasing your chances of having an orgasm, you’re also increasing your partner’s. Win-win.

* This is nothing more, than a portable party! I LOVE this!

It is what it sounds like, which is why it rules. Orgasm in a Box, $20, Babeland, is packed with a silver bullet vibrator with a bunny tickler attachment, two AA batteries, and lube. This is everything you need to get there in one convenient little box.

* For twenty teeny bucks, you simply cannot lose! You really can’!

I Love Sex Toys!

The Hitachi Magic Wand, $55, Babeland, is a tried-and-true classic that does not mess around. Since most women get off via clitoral stimulation, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an orgasm with this powerful vibrator.

* Batteries are NOT included….and I can’t get enough! I love this machine!

Not only does the Liberator Heart Wedge, $55, Babeland, look like a cool throw pillow, it props up your butt during sex so your guy can get easy access to your G-spot. And it’s machine-washable.

* By far the best little accessory ever! ALL sex furniture/accessories
are fun, but this one is sweet and discreet!

Do You Want To Play With Your Sex Toy With Me?

No matter what types of thing you’re into, I think exploring your body with AND without a partner is very important. It’s important to know your body and to have fun at the same time, hopefully, these toys will at least give you some ideas. My goal here is to inspire you to have fun learning yourself inside and out! Happy toy playing!!

Sex toys are a lot of fun and playing with one. while I am on the phone with you is even more fun. You’ll see. In the meantime, cum check out more of my sex xxx stories! Thank you again for reading and I hope you found some inspiration!

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