I met John back in High School. He was, of course, the star football player on the team here in a small town in Ohio. Being the Prize High School Sexy Cheerleader on the revival team I was surely the Touchdown he wanted. I didn’t think much about him. However, My Bestie Just had been with him Two weeks earlier. Like a douche bag, he justed used her for the sex. So we decided to show him a lesson. The Next party the Cardinals had My girls and I was surely going to join. With our Game faces on and ready to play hard!

Party Night

My girls and I Arrive at this Revival High schools party ready to do our damage. I’m in a cute hot pink Halter top with a Nice Skirt. My Girls are killing their outfits too! You can hear whispers all around the room when we enter it. After all, We were the High School Sexy Cheerleader from the other school. I walk straight up to John tap him on the shoulder. Telling him I heard he was looking for the best around. He smirks and says Why Do you think you have what it takes? I look him straight in his eyes and Say I know I have what it takes! Taking him by the hand leading him upstairs.

Upstairs with the High School Football Player

Getting him in a private room I push him back on the bed> John sat in amazement of my tight High School Sexy Cheerleader body. My huge tits and Tight ass was a pleasure for any man to see. I already had heard John was caught jerking off to Teen Anal Pics so I knew he’d love my ass! Kneel down in front of him and Pull his cock out of his jeans. With Shock, I started laughing. Saying What a Tiny cock you have Mr. popular! It wasn’t really but I wanted to let him know how it felt to be mocked. This fuckboy Fucked my best friend 2 weeks ago and never called her back! I told him it was ok I like charity cases.

He couldn’t resist this High School Sexy Cheerleader

Running my tongue over his mushroom head. His cock was hard and throbbing he was in no position to Stop anything. I wrapped my Lips around his shaft and worked my mouth up and down that rod. While My friends grad his clothes. We had already Planned to put Hot pepper Power in his underwear. While I was working my magic. John was just about to cum and I stood up and told him I was finished. Leaving his cock Full and ready to blow! LOL Us girls had done what we came for and we left. That should show him why you don’t use girls!

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Years Later

I’m in a Boston bar hanging out with a friend. When who do I see? It’s John! He approaches us and Says Hey don’t I know you? I Kinda chuckle and say Yes I met you at a high school Party. He said Yeah I thought that was you as he sat down. John went on to say In my book I think you still owe me something. Flirting back I say oh really? I didn’t make you cum back in high school why do you think I will now? He said because you didn’t finish what you started. Looking at him I said well since your a Big Football Star now I guess I need to pony up right? Do you have a place I can Finish the deed? He stands up and Leads me to the back room.

The Back Room

I no longer put my things down and turn around and John had his pants down with his cock out stroking it. Well, I said I see your ready. I walk over to him and he grabs my throat and says Oh no not this time Hunny. I won’t be using your pretty little mouth as he spun me around. Ripping my Skirt off and tearing a hole in my Panties. This Patriots Cock is gonna use your cunt like I did your friends so many years ago. Slamming my face down on a counter.

The Fucking of a Lifetime

He spat on my little cunt as he slid his Purple head around my slit. Saying Oh this is gonna feel good. Then Forcing his Cock deep inside of me. Telling me Bitch do you remember what you did to me at that party. Grabbing my Hips ramming his cock deep into my cunt. Your not that High School Sexy Cheerleader now. That Pepper Power burnt my balls and I couldn’t fuck anyone for a month. Now I’m gonna take that month I couldn’t fuck out on your pussy you little Slut! It felt he was pushing his cock through my stomach he was pounding me so hard. The force he was using to fuck me was more than I’ve ever felt. I could help but cum on his cock. It felt so amazing.

Taking it like a Tightend

Once he felt me tensing up on his head cock he pulled out and said No Bitch you don’t get to enjoy this. Then slamming it into my tight ass! I screamed Fuck! As it took my breath away. That sharp pain as he slammed my tight brown eye hole. I tried to relax so it wouldn’t hurt. However, he would just withdraw his cock and slam it in again. He wanted it to hurt me, and hurt me good! Screaming with every thrust he says that’s right Thought I had a little cock? Tell me how little it is now Bitch! He fucked my ass till he blew a Hot load of cum in it. Pulled up his pants and grabbed my skirt and panties. As he left the room saying now Slut, walk out of here with a load of cum leaking out your ass.

How could I be mad? This Patriot just fucked me hard and Got his revenge. However, I clearly won that game! This High School Sexy Cheerleader got fucked by a Pro! Check out the other Football Blogs this week From your Favorite PSK Phone Sex Chat Operators.