Look at me, I am fucking gorgeous! Why wouldn’t you fall in love with me and this sexy body of mine? I am younger and dating a guy that is in love with my ass. He is always touching and rubbing it. Even talking about hot Teen Anal Pics. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving the attention and how good it feels. It is just escalating to unfun zone.

When we first met, we were a normal teenage couple. Movies, dinners, football games, okay maybe under the bleachers and not at the game, but you know what I mean. Fun all the time. Hanging out with our friends is so cool when I am dating the best-looking dude in school. Jax is both a bad boy and a jock so I am getting the best of both worlds.

Having no idea of his anal fetish, it is all good for now.

He is an absolute dream. Nice, sexy, and kind to me. All the attention is making my head swell even more. I mean, come on, look at me! His good looks make it easy to date him too. I enjoy that tight body and sexy face. He kisses light me on fire too. When our tongues are meeting, fireworks are going off in my pussy.

We are moving along so nicely and then tonight he started acting so strange about my ass. He keeps touching it and talking about how good it feels in his hands. I love how it feels in my hands, so I get it, but he is starting to freak me out.

Our week flies along, and it is date night.

Walking up to the theatre he is staying behind me and staring at my ass. As he does that, he is also looking at it through the camera on his phone. Finally, I turn to ask what he is doing. He explains he is taking pics so he can look at it later when he is at home without me. Dude is trippin’ but hey, I am fine ass chick so trip away baby.

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While the movie is playing, he has his hand on my leg. As the movie is progressing so is his hand up my leg. Oh, my kind of theatre time! I have on an adorable skirt with sexy satin panties underneath. The skirt is short, about mid-thigh so he doesn’t have much in the way of his hand.

As he is getting closer to my crotch, I start to drip with excitement.

He slides his fingers inside my panties. Slowly his fingers are tracing around my mound and then dipping between my pussy lips. Realizing how wet he has made me, he lets out a quiet moan. I giggle under my breath, I love driving a man crazy, especially with my big tit stories. After the movie, we are making out in the backseat of his car.

He takes out his phone and does the weirdest thing, asking me to turn around and pull up my skirt. At first, I am thinking he is going to rim my pretty little asshole, I am so in love with that. Nope, there is a flash as he is taking pictures of my ass. Really, we are making out, what the fuck?!

Look, my ass is so fine, Teen Anal Pics of it would give him spank material for years.

He is pissing me off, so I ask him to take me home. I am ignoring his calls and texts for days. Then he shows up at my door. My parents are clueless and are inviting him in for dinner before I even get a chance to say no. All of us sit down for dinner, and as mom is bringing in the last of the dishes, I realize he is checking out her ass.

What is crazy is how turned on I am watching him watch her. He blushes at himself and pulls his eyes back to the table. Dinner is amazing and after we are heading up to my room. Jax is sexy and even though he is strange he turns me on. So, I turn and ask him if he wants to do teen anal pics tonight. He is shocked and happy.

Doing the pics turns out to be super fun and sexy!

Jax has enough Teen Anal Pics and I figure that is enough to make him happy for now. He is caressing my ass as one of his fingers slides inside. I moan in ecstasy as he leans over to lick my pretty little asshole. Before I know it, he is undressing and sliding his cock deep into my ass. Yes, finally the fucking pics pay off! An evening like this definitely adds to my teen phone sex abilities!