High school sex stories!

High School sex stories, Kylie’s naughty real life sex story. I was 16 it was my Sophomore year in high school, Nothing mattered to me but having fun and what felt good to me, so if you’re into teen phone sex you will love this. So one day I was hanging out with a friend of mine her name is Kerry and she has this guy come over that she kept talking about nonstop, saying she couldn’t wait to fuck him and see if he had a big cock.

So he gets there and she is all over him like she is trying to claim her territory but what she failed to see is that he had eyes only for me. I could feel his eyes watching me everywhere I went, I went outside on her porch to have a cigarette I was leaning forward looking down at the ground. All of a sudden I could feel him behind me he pressed himself against my back, I could feel his cock hard and pressed firmly against my ass. My friend was on the phone which gave him time to make an escape away from her clinginess, Him being so blatant about it was bold and kind of a turn on.

Wyatt was his name and he was 27 that made him 11 years older than me.

I was like a cat in heat I had to have him. So we made up some excuse why we had to leave and we went for a walk down to the train tracks, The grass was tall and it was dark, no one would be able to see us. I know what your thinking this is a pretty hot high school sex story. I bent over and pulled up my dress up over my ass and he shoved his cock in my pussy and just started fucking me hard and deep with his massive uncut cock. We fucked until it began to rain. We had to hurry up so he slammed it into me as hard as he could exploding his hot cum inside me. I could feel the spurts filling me full of warm liquid, I came knowing that he squirted cum inside of me.

This story may be one of my high school sex stories but I have tons more I would love to tell you about it sometime!! Call me boys for cheap phone sex!!

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