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High school sex stories float around for years if you’re ever notorious for being a huge slut or hound dog. I personally liked to tap older ass outside of school but I overheard my best friend telling our science teacher to meet her in the girl’s bathroom at lunch. There was a girls bathroom just off the Art room that was hardly used.

Ding! I was flunking science and I knew this would be a great way to blackmail my teacher. Plus, he was sexy as hell and I wanted in on that!

This is what high school sex stories are all about! Blackmail, sluts, and teachers!

I waited until I heard the two of them entered the girl’s room and snuck in with my cell filming. Not easy being church mouse quiet, but I stood on the toilet in the stall next to them and secretly filmed my friend sucking his cock.

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My pussy was self-lubricating just from watching. My friend’s mouth could swallow our science teacher’s 7 inches whole without gagging. I was so impressed and turned on, I started to quietly push my hand down my own panties and play with my swollen wet clit.

Just as he turned her around and bent her forward to penetrate her, I made a low moan when I came. Obviously, he was startled and freaked out. He started to pull up his pants when my friend laughed and pulled them back down. She told him not to worry that I was an even bigger cock hungry slut.

Jumping off the toilet I went into their stall which was the handicapped one. Nice and big! “You know Mr. Fuller I wouldn’t tell on you,” I said. He relaxed and then saw the cell phone in my hand. “Well, I won’t tell on you if you do two things. One, you have to let me play with you and her and pass me in class with an A.” I said with the sweetest smile.

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