Age play is what Travis craved that sunny afternoon. The kids were gone for sleep overs and his wife was visiting her sister for a girls night out.

“Age play is what I am looking for. Put her in a costume and no heavy make-up. Make her fight a little. I have a role play in mind. Same price?” Travis hung up and took a quick shower. The girl would be here soon so he had to get fresh and clean. He wanted her to earn every bit of the $600 he was paying her for the hour.

Travis toweled off and decided to settle on a pair of shorts with a plain white t-shirt. He heard a knock at the door. Looking at the clock, he wondering how she got here so quick. When Travis opened the door he found a stunning young teen staring back at him.

Age play done right for once. Her long red hair was in two tight braids, she held a clip board with the Girl Scout logo written at the top.  Smiling she gave her speech about buying cookies.  Travis leaned against the door jam just admiring the young looking girl.

Travis invited her in saying he needed to find his wallet. She came in without hesitation and started to jot down his order.

Travis asked the girl her name. She said it was Alyson. “Alyson I’d be glad to buy some cookies, I need a favor though.” Travis said.

“Sure! What can I do for you Sir?” She asked. “Well I think you need to suck my cock little girl.” Travis said as he sat on the sofa. He worked his thick dick out of his shorts and started to massage it in front of Alyson.

“You can leave after you satisfy me, I paid allot for your time. Come here I won’t hurt you.” He coo’d. Alyson wouldn’t move. She started to plea saying she didn’t know what he was talking about. He had enough role playing and wanted to fuck!

Getting off the couch he took Alyson by her arm and dragged her into his room. He flung her onto the bed and pulled down the white cotton panties she wore. His mouth latched onto her sweet little pussy. Alyson didn’t move. A low groan escape her mouth.

Travis wanted to see her innocent eyes staring back at him as she sucked his cock. He pulled away from her pussy after a few minutes. His cock found it’s way into her warm moist mouth. She hesitated and tried to pull back. Holding the back of her head he explained “Fair is fair Aly.”

She took hold of his cock and started to lick it like a lollipop. Her mouth felt greedy as she took more of him in. He felt close to blowing. One more suck and Travis would have come undone. He moved to cover her body with his. “You do age play so well Alyson. I’ll be calling you again.” With that he shoved the head of his cock hard into Aly’s pussy.

She cried out in pain. Travis loved it, she played the part so well. He pumped deeper and harder. The feeling of how tight she was over came him. Travis blew a huge wad inside of her. When Travis pulled out he noticed his cock covered in blood. “We’re you on your period? I didn’t notice anything when I ate you out.” He asked. Alyson shook her head no saying she was a virgin.

Just as Aly answered a knock sounded at the door. Travis looked out the window to see a middle aged woman dressed as a slutty cheerleader…



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