One of my high school sex stories began with my kidnapping; As a matter of fact, I was held through my formative years by a friend of the family, Uncle Michael.  But, he wept along with my family when I went missing and he led the search parties through every inch o the wooded area surrounding our home.   The police and my parents believe it more likely I ran away. That simply was NOT true!

Don’t get me wrong.  While I was anything BUT a sweet, little angel; I was not a runaway or, a whore.  Moreover, my trust for Michael overrode everything my parents had said.  So, I got right in the car and I had no thoughts about him driving down the gravel road to that old shack in the middle of the woods.  Furthermore, I got out willingly to explore the shack with him.  No fear.

Furthermore, I actually felt a tingle race down my spine as he walked behind me, placing a warm hand on my shoulder and pulling me back against the hardening cock in his pants.  My heartbeat quickens whenever I think of how Uncle Mike makes me feel.  Although this may be true, I still have no clue about sex most of the time.  I only know what feels good and unCUNTrolable!

I lay down precisely where he pointed and watched with trepidation as he removed all of his clothes.  He then lay next to me and repeated the same with my clothes.  I can still feel his heavy breaths when he removed my socks and panties.  For some reason, those places with their ultra-soft baby skin!  Oh, my!

High School Sex Stories can be so complicated!

So, he loves to suck and fuck me into oblivion, and I had the idea that he’d never set me free.  Therefore, I submitted to his will and awaited my chance to run.  But, after months of me greeting him after work by shoving his huge cock down my throat; there was no sign I’d ever be able to escape.  Then he decided he’d like to stay at home and make money by blogging.  I’m not talking about any old, DIY blogs; he wanted raunchy sex blogs and plenty of them!

And worse yet? He acts out each and every filthy act to be sure it’s sexy enough for the readers of debauchery.  He ties me to walls and leaves me sitting on a cold cement basement floor whilst giving me warm Golden Showers.  How about when he has parties where his friends get to fuck my tight, young ass and PAY him for the pleasure, but I got NOTHING by way of money; just lots of dick!

To say NOTHING about the humiliation sex of bringing women to me!  In reality, I never give women too much though, except for the jubilation doing them brings to my Master; so, fuck them I WILL!  I’ve sucked and fucked livestock, home pets, people of all ages, ambulatory, or not; the homeless and the wealthy; in couples or, alone.  I have been well-trained to take it all.  And the thing I love MOST of all is that he’s my UNCLE!  Talk about Incest Sex Stories!

Can I really call them High School Sex Stories?

Yes. I think I can!  In spite of the fact that I have been held captive almost my entire senior year, I have built a WEALTH of knowledge with Uncle Michael.  He’s my favorite tormentor.  Each endeavor ends with me sitting here at my desk writing about it all.  We do everything you can think of plus lots I’m pretty sure you’ve never tried.  From sweet, to dangerous I’ll keep you dripping for more.  Uncle Mike is now more like my Dad and since I’ll never be freed, he’s also my brother, friend, boss and all-around lover.  I know he loves his little Joey and I love Uncle Michael too.  I love the look in his eyes as he gazes upon his young conquest.  Wouldn’t YOU?  Giggle.

When you crave the dark…CUM to me.  I’ve got something for everyone!  Let me share with you my anal sex stories, or whatever you need.  If you’re looking for Things to Say During Phone Sex, LET ME DO THE TALKING!