Passion…The Holidays have long since been a struggle for me emotionally. Lack of passion, I suppose. Even MORE so as I get older. But, in my twenties, I could party it all away; the longing for what those around me have…This year, I turned 30 and let me tell you, this season has been the toughest of all.  Why?  Becuase, during these lonesome, chilled months, I seek out, almost like a wolf, the affections of strangers most.  What strangers? Hell, if there’s passion…Truthfully, I’m not that picky. LOL.  First of all, I just love to FUCK. Deep and brutal…Wash-It-All-Away fucking! Butt plugs, Golden Showers…I need it ALL…And ALL born of wild teenage sex with my Dad’s colleagues.  YUM!

It REALLY started for me in college.  Being so far from the comfort of my delicious family, I began to…HUNT.  Above all, I can actually SMELL the desire on people.  Men secrete a sweet aroma of longing…The women, ah…where shall I begin with them? Haha.  We’ll cum back to the chicks. For now, let’s reign it in with the fellas, shall we?

I SMELL YOU, SIR!  And the smell increases as you notice me….noticing you….noticing me! Giggle. I’ll wait.  So, are you back? Haha. Okay.  Then again, at University, emotions ride hide, like a coaster at Six Flaggs. Sex is the BEST tension reliever I know.  Seriously.  Even back then I was telling girlfriends that endorphins are released in the brain during fucking that takes headaches AWAY!  I know, you’re scrambling to Google THAT SHIT, so you can present your argument to the wifey later.  I understand…I’ll just wait for you to return from your trip to Googletown. (Insert whistling and finger thrumming here)  You back?  Great! When will you learn to just TRUST my researched info? Haha.

My Passion Journal Gets MORE Hot!

But, in school, I NEVER had a headache. I was the Frat Party Queen!  And my favorite cure for an onCUMing headache was and STILL is, ANAL! I love to be the party-favor of a group of all men with rock hard cocks!  I rim myself for HOURS before the parties so I can handle up to 30 randy guys looking to dump their loads in and over me.  Yum.  I wear my butt plugs every day, just to make sure my sphincter muscles are as tight as when I was 10 years old.

But, I know…if you don’t normally read me, you’re wondering how I know about the tightness of my 10-year-old ass, right…?  Good thing my blogs go all the way back.  Check them out, then cum back.  We’ll just move on until you do. LOL.  And, my all-time favorite was the Golden Showers. I just LOVE the warm cascading envelopment of it, like a splashy hug.

So, after many years of being satisfied in any and every way known to man (and woman!), I found my ideal outlet.  PHONE SEX! I get to fuck all I want…many different men from all walks of life and I never have to do their laundry! Haha.  I masturbate and squirt all over my expensive mattress.  Moreover, I quickly learned to cover said mattress with a painter’s tarp and towels…Yeah. Because replacing mattresses is no joke. So, I fuck the men I want to in real life, but my passion these days is phone sex. But, not just ANY phone sex…Great Phone Sex.

Realizing and creating your own Passion Journal.

So, what is Phone Sex?  Furthermore, it would normally be perceived as random, animalistic sounds being grunted into the telephone receiver.  Oh, no…Not if it’s being done right.  Phone sex should be, at it’s core…a running movie in all parties heads.  Furthermore, it should conjure every pleasure, every sense; touch on every synapse and leave you weak with desire.  You should be able to FEEL everything I’m saying to you because in MY MIND…Moreover, I’m actually doing them to you.  I can LITERALLY FEEL the ass fucking of the BBC I entertain and I edge myself along all day, just waiting for your call. I really can’t wait for you to CUM again…and again…and again!




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