I was on a trip to Vegas for the weekend.  Being the good poker player than I am, I hit the tables.  After winning quite a bit on the amateur ones, I moved up to a high roller table.  It was in a private room and even though you normally have to be invited to this one, they let me play.  I was the only girl at the table.  After a few rounds I had lost all of my winnings and just about all of the money I had come in with.

The next hand is dealt.  I look at the cards in my hand… K, A.  I say “I’m in.”  One of the men at the table points out that I don’t have enough to play the hand.  I really need this hand.  I had lost all of my money and still had 3 more days to go here.  I tell them I really want to play one more.  The man looks at me and says, “What can you put in for collateral?”  I start thinking hard…what the fuck DO I have left?  Not a damn thing!  So, being the quick thinker that I am I say, “The winner will get one hour with me to do whatever he pleases.”  They all look at each other and start nodding approvingly.  “Okay,” he says, “Let’s do this then.”

The flop is dealt.  K, A, 8.  Oh HELL YEAH!!!  I think to myself I’ve got this shit!!  Everyone checks and the next card is a 2.  I’m really excited at this point and just know I’m going to win this hand.  I keep my cool as checks go all around the table.  The river is a J!!  Then the betting begins.  I tell them that I want to raise the stakes.  The winner will also get a nice cock sucking from me in addition to the hour to do as he wishes.

They all agree.  They all look over at me and the same man says, “Well, pretty lady, show us what you’ve got.”  I turn over my cards to show my two pair.  They all start shaking their heads and throwing their cards into the pot.  All except the speaker for the group.  He says, “Now hold on there.”  He turns over his cards and I about fall out of my chair!  He is holding Q, 10.  He has me beat with a straight!!!  Damn it!!!  I was so close!!!  He stands up and starts undoing his pants right there in the room filled with all of these other men.

I know it is time for me to pay up. If he wants it here, he’ll get it here.  I climb up onto the table and crawl over to him on my hands and knees, my ass showing out of the bottom of my short little dress.  By the time I make it over to him, he already has his dick pulled out of his pants waiting for me.  As I slowly slide my mouth onto his hard cock, he looks down at me and says, “Ok boys, let’s have some fun!  For my hour of time with her I am going to share with all of you!”  Check back to see what happens next!  Or give me a call and let my sexy voice tell you how I will be able to pay to stay in Vegas for these next three days!!!




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