BBC and High Heels – Dom

When you were in prison, you watched all those BBC’s glistening in the shower.  I know you thought about them while you jerked off in your cell later.

Get on your fucking knees and suck my pussy.  Get my pussy really fucking wet for this huge BBC.  Suck on my high heels and worship me.  Beg for me to allow those huge cocks in your ass!  Lick all the way up to my inner calves pull your tiny dick out.

Now, go sit in the fucking corner and jerk off while you watch me get pounded by these huge black cocks.  I want one in every hole while you sit there and wish you had a pussy.  You wish you had my beautiful tight pussy!  While I am getting fucked doggy style, I want you to lick their ass and balls.  I want you to smell his hairy balls on your face.

Then I bend you over, pressing your dirty whore face into the bed – ass up in the air.  I put on my 10-inch strap on and press it deep into your ass.  Fucking you hard, getting your ass ready.  When I feel your ass is ready, I grab a guy with a huge BBC and jam his pulsing cock into your ass.  “Yes, Miss Lacey!”  That’s a good boy.  Beg for more.  Worship me and plead for me to get more cocks in your ass.  I take my high heels and press them against your head, shoving it deeper into the bed.  “Beg me for more cocks in your ass!  Thank me for giving you these huge cocks!”

I spread your ass cheeks open and let two BBC guys fuck you in your ass at the same time.  “You take those cocks like a good boy!”  Then as they fill your cum bucket, I make you suck off all the cum from their wet dicks and thank me.

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