High Heel Fetish: nothing lower than four inches will do

High Heel Fetish: The first time I walked into a shoe store I realized one thing. I love high heels, and nothing lower than four inches will do. Just like cock, the bigger they are, the more I love them. My high heel shoe fetish started at a young age.
I am the one who loves to shock those around me. Imagine this. Little underage Lolita strutting through the mall in nothing but the shortest shorts, and pair of 6-inch heels. Whose attention do you think she will get first? Jealous wives making stories of her being whores or the husband who just felt their dick getting hard for the first time in years?

High Heel Fetish: I love those platform stripper shoes

I have a few male admirers who love my shoes as much as I do. They all have an insane foot and shoe fetish. I love a man who is into Foot Worship. From the look to the feel, do you love a woman who walks all over you? From the perfect pedicure to her silky soft feet, you must admit your need for her special foot play is consuming you. I found out how deep the kink can go recently.
I took a friend of mine to the mall for some shopping. I’ve been best friends with this girl for years now. She and I spend many nights at the clubs looking for men to milk. Cocks and wallets go together so well. I know her personality and that she uses this man for sex. He is more of a cuckold than a real man. I also know he has a deep-seated high heel fetish.  Since the week was a little slow in the sex area for me, I decided to take it to the extreme with him. Of course, I asked her for permission, but he didn’t know that. Us females must stick together.

High Heel Fetish: I love my feet and shoes to be worshipped.

The mall has the best shoe store in the state. I’ve researched different fetish sites, and this one checks all the boxes. Plus, they allow a private dressing room.  It’s the only place I have ever seen that does that. I dress for success when going out, and today was nothing less. Skin tight red dress, stockings, and no panties. You can’t put on a proper show when you cover the playground.
Shoes of every color, the heels all 5 plus inches in height. I know what makes these stems look the best. This man, my best friend’s boyfriend,  sat on the dressing room floor and helped me try on the first pair. For 400 dollars, they were nice. Not nice enough, but nice. I will try them on though. If he is paying, and the price is right, I can overlook most flaws.
He slipped the shoe on my foot, taking the moment to lick my arch first. No, we have never been sexual, but today that would change. While he held the shoe in his hand, I forced him to give my stocking covered toes a blowjob. It wasn’t till he gagged did I stop. My mind is a very dirty place to play, and what I wanted to make a high heel fetish seem tame.  The moment he put the shoe on my foot, my plan came into play.

High Heel Fetish: They are worth it no matter the cost

I forced him to drop his pants, place his face on the mirror, and have his asshole raped with the heel of my shoe. First, he had to suck it, you know, foot foreplay. Then, I slipped it into his asshole and plunged the whole 5 inches deep inside. He screamed, and I pumped harder. I will admit that during this pegging session, I fingered my pussy. If you play with the big girls, you need to learn to take the horn inside.
How many shoes did my high heel fetish freak buy? Two for the girlfriend, and three for me. His bill was well into the thousands, but pleasing me never comes cheap. Know your worth and never allow it to lower. By the way, she got the ass juice covered one. I demanded he leave it dirty when gifting it to her. I wanted her to know how much he loved her, and how far he fell to please her.
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