Foot Worship Fucking: I need my freshly pedicured feet covered in your creamy cum

Foot Worship:  I can’t wait to wrap my sexy size seven and a half feet around
your hard cock. In short, I consider myself somewhat of an expert in the art of great sex and the many fetishes that go along with that. I thought I had experienced almost every great kink especially in the art of Foot Worship.  However, sometimes life has a way of surprising you. I was literally knocked off my feet with a recent encounter.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

 First of all, I laid on the bed heavily breathing with anticipation as to how we would start.
As he pulled the black lace edge of the cup of my bra down, goosebumps lined my
back as soon as his tongue began to trace my areola. My nipples stood up at
attention as he continued to massage them and then suck on them.

Foot Worship: His tongue traced down my firm stomach making his way to the
edge of my panties

“Mmmmm Like that!”, I cried out as I moaned! This guy was especially great with his tongue, I thought. My nipples are so sensitive and that really made my pussy wet.
Suddenly he stopped and said, “Let me show you something that will really make
your back arch. I could already tell this was going to be the making of another one of my really hot Erotic Sex Stories.

His tongue traced down my firm flat abdomen making his way to the
edge of my panties. As he moved his tongue in between the waistline of my black
lace thong and milky white skin I shivered some more with aroused anticipation.
The tongue bath continued down my leg and I could feel my pussy getting a little
wetter with each passing second. I couldn’t help myself, I moved my french
manicured fingers in between my dewy pussy lips as he continued.

Foot Worship:  I moaned and wiggled as he worshiped my feet

“Are you ready to be worshiped?”, he asked as he moved my stiletto from my soft
size seven and a half feet. I pointed my curled toes up in the air near his mouth, just
as he started licking the arch of my soft, pretty feet. His hand massaged my calf
as he continued to use his tongue to lick and massage my feet. My eyes rolled into the
back of my head and I had no choice but to plunge my index and ring finger into
my hungry little kitty when he started to use his tongue to play in between each of
my toes. I moaned and wiggled as he worshiped my feet, it wasn’t until he asked,
“Are you close?” I felt my pussy and my nipples simultaneously start to tingle…I knew how hot this was going to be.

To be continued…

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